The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Possible Alien Examination and Clone

When I was 15 years old, I had a bit of a hard situation. I found myself and my other two siblings stranded in a little town called Wilcox, Arizona, staying at a friend of my mothers.

One night I went to sleep on the floor in the room that I shared with my brother and my sister. My brother was laying about three feet away from my foot to head. I awoke to a bright light above my head and what I could only vaguely make out as doctors or surgeons of some sort working on me from above. I wear glasses, so for this to be foggy seems natural to me.

But the reason that it became clear to me that this was alien technology was the equipment that they were using to work on me. There were tubes that were inserted into specific fingers, the tubes themselves being of some creation that they could go into my skin without blockage. There was something over my mouth and nose, even though I could breath, but I remember holding my hands up and pulling the tube out of one of my fingers, it seemed to take forever to pull it out. I actually have a sort of scar on that finger where one never was before.

I know this sounds crazy, but I have often times wondered if I am just a clone of the original me. I am often melancholy that this was not my life to begin with and worry and wonder what has happened to the real me. I have never taken an interest in the things that once gave me great joy and inspiration and I am convinced that this body is faulty and will not last much longer. This is only aggravated by the symptoms that I have gained in the last decade.

Has anyone else ever wondered if they were a clone of themselves? I feel like they are out there, and that the will be back soon.

Sent in by Shannon, Copyright 2011

  1. We are all clones, each new day gives birth to a division of ourselves, a cloned aspect, a division of personna. It took forever to pull the tube out because each aspect is forever. Forget matter, it is incremental, crude and boring chemical attractions, clones within themselves. Your cosmic awareness level will divide you, there was never anything to enjoy, only observe.

  2. I feel the same way. I was born and raised in Tucson Arizona, not too far from wilcox.My hole childhood was full of incounters and strange things that happened to me and now that im much older, it all seems like a bad dream or something.I no things like this have happened to me too. Its scary, but a little refreshing to know that im not alone. but i firmly believe they are comming back..just wonder did they pick chosen people. i just turned 28. i have not been the same person since i was bout 12 when all this was happening. i too dont feel like ima live much longer..feels like i just know my expiration date along with a lot of other they gave me insight into the future.and yeah, they comming back..U no it, and i no it 2! Glad u shared your story

  3. They still your soul

  4. Last night I was being interviewed by a group of aliens.. they looked like us. They said they’d be taking me to a school to work with them, that i had to go to Earth and be me while the real me was away. Very odd, i recall they took a sample from my left arm to make the copy. they said it had to be the left cause that’s the side with heart blood. I googled this topic as i thought for sure they’d done the same thing to others. i’m sure i’m not me but i’m okay with it. being a copy doesn’t make me any less than real and equal, and i’m sure i’d agree.

  5. It’s stories like this, that makes me believe some different let me share my feelings on this. I believe slowly but surely THEY are taking over the planet earth. Some individuals who study the subject of UFO’s feel that THEY abduct the individual and put them on a table with this new body setting next to it it’s done in Philidelphia PA it’s looks like an old electric planet on the top but it’s what is under ground that counts! They as I have been told are 5000 years on some things and 565 years advanced on other things. They have the old human body lay on a table while the new body laws next to it. They use both microwaves and infra-red light beams. The down load the old bodies memories and soul yes SOUL down into this new body. THEY also put implantations into this new body. A monitoring or a way of giving information on what THEY want and related noticed at one time President Obama head has this share shaped like a upside down L on his head I seen it on TV and prior I read about this on the internet. Not all internet postings are fake or telling lies. Now the good question is why are THEY doing this? Simple it’s their way of slowly taking over the earth. Coming down with the UFO’s and having fights yes THEY can do this but THEY would lose some of their members (people) so, do it slowly and do it every day, every week and every year slowly THEY have humans part controled by them and partly controled by human. Why are THEY doing this to humans? Good question! Is it to control of totally? Is it to bring the other humans to the killing grounds for the aliens to have humans for food? Right now I couldn’t tell you. I’m indirectly involved in this like the rest of you. But my Church and the USA government doesn’t want to tell me things so I have to figure all of this out on my own. Several people working for the local governemt once being told about me (Jerry) lose it! As in slang they go BONKERS and have to be replaced in the job they hold with the government. Why? If you know the real truth please tell! Why, why and more whys! Some day we might know the truth. I say this because THEY are getting too sluppie and we’re getting too smart by sharing information with each other. Oh by the way blood goes on both sides but the heart chamber is larger on the side you stated. Did you know that blood is blue until the oxgen hits it then bink in a flash it turns red! Just a simple sharing of medical knowledge by the way. Jerry Biddle USA

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 I think you are going b o n k e r s Jerry with all these alien/ufo conspiracy theories!!!! Goodness gracious -- what will we all do with the aliens feasting on us food-wise? 🙂 🙂

  6. Readers of my postings, Y E S I W A S correct it’s now December 23rd in my area. As to going to another dimentions the 4th NEVER HAPPEN! Pat on the 18th of this month you say about aliens eating humans. Remember Pat, it’s not me saying this! It’s a fact in the USA those who really study the subject of UFO’s/aliens that we have found out that the reptilian aliens abduct, enslave and then eat humans. They like especially children for several reasons, no smoking in the bodies system. Pat if you lived in the USA instead of the USA you’d understand this better. At one time at our Wal Mart Stores they had photos on the information boards, also photos of them on the Milk Cartons, etc. You must remember, because I have connections with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies and too do a lot of research, I know more about abductions and related. Also keep in mind that I know first hand aliens you need to put in my name on the or and read my other listings. A lot of things I do not understand! I’ll be the first to say this! When I say this I have reference to religion, life in general other UFO/aliens and this list goes on and on! I would be the first to say I wish things were different but who’s going to listen to me? If you lived in the USA instead of England you’d know more about the bad aliens and where they live and other facts pertaining to them. Yes, not all aliens are bad just like humans they have the bad ones and of course the good ones. I know in the year of 2013 on my part I’m going to do more investigations and post things about my findings even more then I did in the year of 2012. Do I fear for my life? Not really because if some one tries some thing THEY feel is danagous on Jerry Biddle they kill them! It’s is simple as that! Do I like this? NO! There is more to me then just being Jerry Biddle read my other postings I give out more information as to I am. But you might not believe it! You can say this all year long I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it! But the truth is it’s not going to change things I am what I have posted. I would not lie about these factors, remember it’s not me that was posting about the end times like that guy on that so-called Christian Station. It was not me saying we’d go into another dimention on December the 21st. No, I don’t claim to know all the answers to every thing. If I did and I was alowed to tell you the readers I would be the first to post these truths. I like humans for the most part along with good aliens and some good animals but not every thing on earth is ducky goodie. I read in our prior life in Heaven if every thing was goodie, goodie then why come down to earth just stay in Heaven. Then why come down. Several reasons one the main reason learn things, second prove ourselves to Elohim and Jesus Christ that we have what it takes to be faithful even in times of bad, horable, worse and some good. At times I’ll be the first to say about things Is this for real? Why? What did that prove? Etc. But like the rest of you I’m here to learn I try on myself to change things, the best I can. THEY gave me going on 11 years how to stop wild fires, drought and floods, I spent a time writing to the Media and others the technical information given to me, but no one cared! My local library cared they helped type the envelopes and was hoping it would have gotten good responces but ZERO No the media is more interested in Justin Biebers latest tattos, Justin Timberlake is married. And if Prince Williams wife is going to have twins, etc, etc. Boy that sure helps with floods and wild fires and drought doesn’t it! (?) Then THEY said if they listen we’ll give you information on how to stop tornados. Again they showed me in colour (color) a tornado and this truck with a device which looked like a parabalic reflector aimed at the tornado. Wheather this device was getting ready to stop or measuring the tornado EF0——-EF5 I do not know, it doesn’t matter again our governments not intersted in helping humans. You can make you’re sly remarks all you want, but this is not going to change things! Because those who know more about the UFO/aliens know what I post even as bad as it is I’m telling you what I have been told and too know first hand! ( I can not get into this classified details) as to who tells and what I know! So, laugh make sly remarks but it’s not going to change things! Also if any stupid fool was to put an posting of how you’re going to kill me or some else like this I have been told by the FBI they would step in and too THEY would do a number on them like THEY did with three individuals in the past! Again I do not approve of this type of thing because I for again like and love humans. Keep in mind my parents where humans! My late parents I have reference too. I hope the posting individuals reading this prior post this for the rest of you to read! The time for every thing is nice sugar sugar and candy days are over! This UFO alien thing is very serious and even though you might not agree with the information I post even though it’s true its not going to change things! Again wake up for the year of 2013! I did several years ago! Wheather I like it or not THEY do what THEY want like it or not it’s not going to change the way things are! Wearing tin-foil suit and putting a home made triange hat and other things like this isn’t going to change things either! Thank you again for reading my postings. Jerry Biddle from the USA

  7. It’s almost the year of 2013! And we’re still in the 3rd dimention! I wonder what the date putter on’ers are going to come up with the year of 2013! (?) If it isn’t so-called Christian radio stations saying the end is near, then they have to use a so-called rock repeat rock calender from a race thousands of years ago, who didn’t for see their own falling of their civilization! So, what are we to believe? Just because I have been correct on all of these things don’t expect me to write a book or start my own religion and having millions following me. Nooooooooo, it’s just common sence people! You don’t have to be a rocket science worker to figure out some of these things that have fizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzled! Regardless, either way, I was correct! What do I expect to happen next? More tornados, more floods, and etc. Why? Several factors again read my prior posting which would of created numerous jobs and the end of numerous bad things. I wonder what THEY shall give me in the year of 2013? I told them not to bother me because humans are more interested in movie and TV and recording people then any things else! A huge circus yes I know! Any way have a good 2013 either way! I wasn’t alive at the time but these situations remind me of the depression days just go back and study this you’ll think you’re reading instead of latter 20’s and eariler 30’s the year of 2012 and the start of 2013. Jerry Biddle USA

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