The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Project Blue Book ~ The Official Story

Project Blue Book was formed by the United States Air Force.

There are quite a few civilian groups that are dedicated to researching and investigating the possible extraterrestrial connection involved in sightings of unidentifiable objects flying in our sky. The Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network (MUFON) is probably the largest group of people networking their knowledge and experience on this topic. However, to date, there has been very little “official” government research that we as “outsiders” have been privy to. Of the few groups that have publicly acknowledged their interest in this mystery, “Project Blue Book” formed by the United States Air Force, is the most well known if not forthcoming with the information they obtained.

The Air Force’s previous UFO investigations were less than satisfactory. “Project Sign” which was in operation through 1948 concluded that the craft were not of USA or Russian make, but went no further in explaining. “Project Grudge” soon followed but was mandated as a debunking program. Their official stance was that all UFO sightings were misinterpretations of natural phenomena although 23% of their reports were “unexplainable”. Several of the top USAF generals were so upset by this cavalier treatment of the subject that in 1952 Gen. Charles Cabell dismantled “Project Grudge” and with Gen. William Garland, started the new “Project Blue Book” in an attempt to create a serious investigation.

In The Beginning Project Blue Book Was Much More Open

With Capt. Edward Ruppelt heading the project and initiated many changes in the reporting procedure. He attempted to destigmatize reports of seeing such unusual craft and developed a statistical method of investigation and a standardized questionnaire to cover as many salient facts as possible. Capt. Ruppelt took the investigations seriously and insisted his staff do as well. Anyone who became too skeptical or narrow minded soon found themselves released from the project.

During this brief era of “Project Blue Book” press releases were often forthcoming with information and scientists were routinely consulted about the more intriguing reports. This openness in investigation and public reporting did not last long. By the end of 1953 Ruppelt’s staff had been reduced to about ten people and the new Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen. Nathan Twining, who had initiated the old “Project Sign”, turned the primary responsibility of investigation and information release to the newly formed 4602nd Air Intelligence Squadron (AISS), a department of the Air Defense Command.

Project Blue Book

Project Blue Book

Thus began another age of debunkery and secretiveness in the area of official UFO research. While “Project Blue Book” continued to be praised as the “open information” source of the investigation of UFO activity, the internal orders were to decrease or completely eliminate any “unexplainable” sightings and most of the following press reports were to be issued as “natural phenomena”. No discussion of unexplainable sightings were hereafter allowed. The following years saw new directors take over the project. Each new officer was increasingly hostile to the idea of UFO’s being real and the policy of ridicule became the normal viewpoint.

With the appointment of Major Robert Friend in 1958 the trend towards debunkery turned slightly. Amid Congressional hearings and public outcry of government and military cover-ups about the extent and veracity of unidentified craft, he attempted to reinvigorate the project with serious scientific investigation. However, his efforts were mainly thwarted by higher ups and in 1963 he stated that the project should be dissolved for being effectively useless. He was released from the project.

With the induction of Major Hector Quintanilla to the head of the project, the policy of debunkery increased. The “explanations” of UFO phenomena became so transparently farcical in the face of the actual reported incidences by very reliable witnesses that the “cover-up” accusations became quite vocal. The greater the outcry of public concern, the more the project issued the “nothing unusual” reports. After being reviewed by what seemed to be a highly biased committee which held that “national security” outweighed the public’s right to know, “Project Blue Book” was officially ended in December of 1969.

In all, of the 12,618 officially acknowledged reports taken over nearly two decades, 701 of these cases remain “unknown” despite the efforts to minimize their classification. The final conclusion offered from the project was that the UFO’s were not a national security risk. That statement does not include the assurance that they were not real. Read in one way, it could merely be doublespeak for saying that the USAF was aware of extraterrestrial existence but might be partnered with them instead.

Written by Wm. Douglas Mefford

Douglas writes for The Greenwoods Village

While the United States Air Force was offering the American people pat denials that UFOs were “serious business,” it was conducting intensive, highly secret inquiries into all UFO reports.

These inquiries were carried out by responsible Air Force personnel and respected civilian scientists.

When their conclusions did not support the official position, the findings were suppressed.

Now, the secret findings of Project Sign, Project Grudge, Special Report #14, and Project Blue Book are revealed in this explosive and significant document!

Examine It And Decide For Yourself Project Blue Book

Project Blue Book

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  1. Many years ago, I read a book on Project Blue Book and concluded, the USA military authorities realised there was no physical threat, and even then, I thought they realised this phenomenon had a (sort of) supernatural aspect to it and they weren’t able do anything about it.

    Now, over sixty years on, even with such advancement in science and technology, not foregetting the mountain of knowledge they have acquired on the planets in our solar system, galaxies etc. etc., we still have NO proof -- rather, NO acceptable tangible proof of ufos and their occupants have been forthcoming or publicised in any shape or form. Yet we know they existed then and are seen and experienced presently. What are we to make of the status quo? I have my own confused thoughts.

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