The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

They Say They Are Masters Of Light But They Lie

I was abducted in 1987 in Gulf Breeze Florida. Ed Walters was telling the truth. Look him up. It is an interesting story.

Right after that I stated seeing 3 consecutive numbers everywhere. I had an out of body experience and left Florida for north Georgia. I thought I was special and was called by some aliens to do some mission. Well that’s not what happened. My life turned to hell. They are controlling and on an ego trip.

I left north Georgia and tried to regain my life and live normal but that did not happen. They have hounded me ever since.

They say they are masters of light and they say they are Jesus and a few other characters. Now I think they are liars.

Recently I was fired from my job and they set it all up. They kept saying my soul has come here to do some higher purpose. It’s all crap. I’m not my brothers keeper.

I do believe I have an implant in my nose and maybe my ear. The implants are tracking devices and the ear implant is a way to make me hear them by going directly to my eardrum instead of me hearing the sound from outside myself. How do you think all these channelers are hearing the ascended masters? They don’t want you to know they are using technology because then they would not seem to be in the spiritual world which is where they claim to be. It is all crap and lies.

They are somehow tied to India because it all has that tone. Gurus and Indian gods, meditation. Guess why they want you to meditate? They use it as a form of hypnosis. If you have an implant they can use it to hypnotize you and guess what else? You will get up and do whatever they want you to.

You think the government is bad. It doesn’t hold a candle to these beings. So beware and watch what you are thinking and what is showing up in your life just may be part of there plan. I’m so sorry this is happening to humans it just is not right or fair.


Alien Implants Are Extraterrestrials Abducting and Implanting Humans?

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