The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Scanned By Blue Light

This happened in April 2018 in Austria where we live. I was sure that I had posted this story on here shortly after it happened but my story doesn’t seem to be on here, so I am posting it again.

I had drifted off to sleep. I fell asleep watching a movie in bed. The children were next to me, one on each side (they have their own room but they like to sleep with me most of the time). Whilst I was asleep I heard my phone beep and it woke me because I thought what if it is the guests at the holiday house or in the holiday apartment….maybe there is a problem (I own a couple of holiday properties). I fell asleep quite early, probably around 10 pm. So after the phone beeped, I lay awake thinking I had better go to check the message. I was feeling sleepy and kept thinking I had better check before I fall asleep again. So, I was just thinking about getting up when there was a loud whurring noise. It was getting louder and louder really fast. I thought oh my goodness, was is it. It was just outside the bedroom window and then there was a blue light in the room, a bar of light at the foot of the bed and it starting moving over me working up from my feet. I was scared and I instantly thought that I was going to be taken away and I said in my head please don’t take me away from my children. I wanted to reach out to my children but I didn’t move. I don´t think I could move. I did not know if it was going over them too but I felt like they were safe. I didn’t feel like I was in terrible danger but I thought maybe I was going to be taken away.

The last part, when it went through my head was really weird….the feelings in my head were really strong. It was like a coldish tight feeling and I could easily feel it working up through my head. And then when it was out of my head everything stopped. I then sat up and rewound the movie to see if there was anything in it that sounded like the noise I had heard (it had become so loud and kind of resonated). There was nothing like it in the movie. I couldn’t really sleep properly after that.

On and off all day, I was thinking about it and trying to make sense of it…..the weirdest part being that I know that I didn’t actually wake up from it, because I am 99.9% sure I was already awake.

I told my daughter that morning that I felt liked I was being scanned. She said that she didn’t hear anything. I don’t normally believe in such things.

I can’t find a logical explanation for what had happened.

I have now seen that other people have had similar experiences so I wanted to share my strange experience.


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