The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Strange Probing Lights

I just want someone to be aware of and incident that occurred after my new camera system was installed.

One night about dark I saw on my camera system a light that looked like a segmented worm. It acted as though it was dipping down and sampling the earth.

The next night it was back, but this time it had moved to the side of my house.

The last time I saw it was moving alone the backside of my fence. Now to make a long story short. I was watching the fact or fake episode where they had travel to the Bermuda triangle area and something knocked over the camera, as it passed the screen I notice that it had the same appearance as my house worm but much bigger in diameter. This letter is just to make them aware. Please pass this information on to the Fact or Faked personal.

Thank You very much

Sent in by Errol W. Parks, Copyright 2010

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  1. I read about these segmented worm-shaped things in space earlier this year. There was one massive one seen some months ago in space and there was speculation that they dipped into the earths atmosphere from time to time to absorb something in the earths atmosphere. Odd! has anybody else heard of this phenomenon?

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