The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Summer Night Encounter in Northeast Baltimore

It was in the Summer of 1955, I was 10 and living in a nice quite neighborhood in Northeast Baltimore. We normally stayed out after dark playing the normal childhood games, this particular night we were in the alley behind one my friends house. The alley was between two sections of “row houses”, well lit, and wide enough for large trucks to enter and exit. I believe there were seven of us on this night, Patrick was the eldest, he was thirteen.

It was around 9 O’clock and Patrick had gone out of the lit up area of the alley and then blurted out, “quick come look at this”, he was looking up. We all went to where he was, we looked up and there it was. Maybe 400 to 500 feet above us was a formation of lights, shaped in a Vee and completely still. We counted the lights and there were about 12 lights on each side of the leading edge. The oddest thing is that there was no sound of engine(s). We continued to stare at this object for minutes, suddenly it rose straight up for awhile and then zoom, it was gone. We stood there just amazed at what we had seen.

Patrick suggested that we all meet early the next morning and go to the library. The next morning we all met and walked about 5 blocks to the nearest library to do some research on UFO’s. After about an hour we found some interesting books with photos that individuals had taken of UFO’s. One in particular had photos that were taken by a sailor off the fantail of a Naval vessel, it was the exact same thing that we had seen, a Vee shaped object taken at different angles.

I can’t talk for the other individuals that were there that night, but I only mentioned this happening to a few people, people who I thought would not scoff at the mere thought of a UFO.

Sent in by Robert Gerard Bonney, Copyright 2010

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  1. I’ve often wondered about this triangular shaped airborne vehicle which is able to hover silently in one spot and has been seen by hundreds of people. I thought this particular craft was a relatively recent sighting and am surprised to read Robert Gerard Bonney’s account which took place in 1955 -- over 50 years ago. I suspected it might have been one of these rather technologically advanced USA aircraft which I’d read about. However, sighting of this large vehicle 50 years ago throws a very different and interesting light on my views.

    When I was living in Africa in the early 1990’s, one such aircraft as was described in R B Bonney’s account, flew very low and silently over the city in which I lived. I didn’t witness it myself as it was just after 8.oopm and I was indoors. Had I been in the garden, I would’ve seen it as well -- like hundreds of rather excited witnesses. This aircraft was ‘V’ shaped and had many lights flanked on both sides, it flew silently -- very low and was able to make right angled turns. A friend of mine fearfully hid under her parked vehicle as she and her companions thought it was about to crash to the ground -- that’s how low it flew. The local newspaper reported that they had received hundreds of phones calls that night -- reporting the sighting of this huge craft. There were also many radio interviews with people who were awe-struck at the sight of this aircraft.

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