The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

The Blue Room – Extraterrestrial Visitation?

Where to begin… I wont go into my whole life story of visitations and ‘experiences; at 45 years of age, those lifelong encounters would take too long to rehash.

One such ‘experience’ though has stayed with me and haunted me, even, to this day, and I cant find many who are willing to talk about the same sort of experience. It involves the blue room. At the time my husband and then-toddler son were living in the US – we are now in Australia – and had been receiving a lot of visitations, enough to disrupt our lives, give us a fear almost of going to sleep at night because of what was happening.

On one such night, I awoke to find our bedroom totally enveloped in a bright blue light. I was able to look around the room, and still clearly remember even looking over to where we had a lava lamp – unplugged – to make sure we hadn’t switched it on and forgotten (we hadn’t). The light was a uniform bright blue, and it cut off abruptly at the doorway, which was open, but solid black that night. I knew straight away there was…. ‘something’ there, and felt genuine fear, as it was blocking the sight to my sons room directly across from us. I actually tried waking my husband, but as on previous nights when one or the other had an ‘experience’ or visitation, he could not be awakened and was in such a deep sleep it was almost as if he wasn’t breathing.

I also looked carefully around the entire room to see if the light was shining in from another source, but again, it was total and edge to edge, not from an outside source.

I knew without a doubt that something was standing there watching, and almost in resignation I laid back down and realized I couldn’t fight whatever ‘it’ was, so just closed my eyes, and totally blanked out till morning.

Putting this all into words is hard, as its almost impossible to convey the feelings I went through during that time, not being able to talk about itΒ  with anyone apart from my husband. I was wide awake during this experience, I still vividly see the entire room layout in my head without even thinking about it, remember the feeling of wonder and fear, and lately its become more and more at the forefront of my mind, like I’m being reminded of it for… what? The encounters went on with both of us affected for a long time, but its that one night that has stuck with me, and I feel almost an obsession to find out what it was, what caused the blue light, and if others have had the same experience.

Thank you for listening, it feels good to finally talk about it.

Sent in by Stevie, Copuroght 2011

  1. Hello Stevie,

    Amazing!! What does it all mean -- I wonder? I know that feeling of fear (of the unknown), yet overcome with awe. In this particular instance you were enveloped in a blue light but no actual interaction, what about the other instances? what was the nature of the interaction between you and the perpertrators -- could you fill us in on your experiences please.

    • Hi Pat,

      To be honest I have had certain ‘experiences’ all my life, my earliest memories were when i was literally a toddler, to this day i can remember even things in teh house i saw when ‘floating’ down our hallway at home.

      During the blue room episode both my husband and i were receiving lots of visitations. They would all start with one of us being unable to sleep and so go out to the lounge to watch tv etc whilst the other would fall into a extremely deep sleep almost immediatly. Then the one still awake would be….visited by something. Yes will def add more, will do a writeup of what my husband experienced one night, but i can 100% guarantee all these things happened, they were not dreams etc as sceptics would label them, which is why so many of us out there having these experiences are so reluctant to speak about them. Im so glad to have found this site and to be able to finally start talking about them.

      One thing, i feel for some reason things are becoming more urgent, that so many people are finding it more important than ever to talk about what they have gone through and are still going through, so i dont know what that could be leading to..?

      Thankyou for replying and will def go into more depth with other posts. Stevie

      • I also believe it’s easier to relate these experiences on the net because one is not physically present to be seen and ridiculed. It’s quite staggering to see the number of people who are boldly relating their experiences on the net yet still shy away from mentioning it on a person to person basis with others.
        This brings me to what one would see as a blurring between what may be termed by some as ‘alien’ encounters, whereas others may categorise their experiences as one of visitations by spectres, spiritual beings. It makes me wonder if they are one and the same. What do you think?

        • I totally agree that the visitations could well be by other ‘beings’ as well and not neccessarily always by Aliens etc, and that is something I have always wondered about -- and believed in. So many of my encounters and experiences over the years have had a very Paranormal nature to them, and thats why I dont discount anything out. I have considered getting hypnotherapy/regression to see if that would help me to ‘see’ any more, but having said that, I am truly wary and yes, frightened at times of what I may then see and become aware of. But some of our visitations involved something physically being there, moving objects and being seen, often in profile etc but still there were physical forms, so I honestly believe we, as in the case of many no doubt, have experienced many types of visitations etc The question remains, what were they?
          As to the blue room, that was something I hadnt experienced before, and sticks so strongly in my mind, I have heard of others seeing it in conjunction with UFO’s, but only once or twice before have I ever heard someone briefly admit to the ‘blue room’, and I would love to know more about it, even though it was a scary night.

          • Sorry, I meant to say at the end of that last post that others have talked about a blue light in conjunction with UFO sightings, only one or two have actually referred to the blue room itself.

          • I have read stories of peoples encounters with these beings, I suppose they would fall in the category of aliens particularly if they are being visited on a regular basis and shown all these spectacular displays. This then probably means they would have to home in on you from time to time, therefore a homing device would perhaps have to be implanted on/in you. Have you examined your body to see if there could be an implant? A good place to look is in between your toes.

        • Pat

          I also have been involved with UFO’s and have since become a minister. These beings are evil and deceptive. Actually they are satanic in nature and can only be overcome through Jesus Christ,

          • Hi Ealph

            Many years ago when I was in my early twenty’s, I experienced unwanted/ unsolicited nocturnal paranormal visitations of a sort on a regular basis to a point where I dreaded the night periods and kept my bedside lamps alight throughout the night. I have no idea who or what these entities were except to say they really wore me down through sleepless nights…….

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        • Hi,
          Am Lecler -- from Uganda-Africa.

          First what’s the term alien -- it means some thing foreign in your locality, so are these extraterrestrial creatures they come from their place (physical) to our planet and so we call them aliens, i.e. if i came form Uganda to UK, I’ll be an alien in UK.

          alien and spiritual encounters to human are not the same, aliens are physical creatures from other planets in this vast universe. they also have hearts and spirits in them as we do. and they die too. what ever we see in this universe physical or not is God’s rich creation.

          if we look back to the Old testament in the Bible, after God tested Abraham’s faith He promised him to give him many descendants i.e. “as many as the sand along the shores and as many as the stars in the Universe”, meaning that the universe is God’s own.

          now let’s think logically, how many descendants have come after Abraham-God’s promise to date, then compare/estimate how many stars/planets that are in the universe equivalent to Abraham’s descendants. it’s anonymous. and don’t you think that among those many other planets exist living planets like ours? definitely they’re there.

          Some aliens are friends to us, others are a threat, others look more less like us others have different forms and all of them are interested in us. they make research and experiments on us just as we do on other planets e.g. Mars, Jupiter, Venus, etc.

          Other aliens in their ‘universe research/astronomy’ they discover us(our living planet) and it interests them to see living creatures on it resembling them, and over & over they keep making attempts to know more about us. just as we’ve discovered new living planets and we’re making plans to go there -- only that currently our technology is still low.

          so what should be the way forward?. to me i think we should welcome & cooperate with aliens which prove to be harmless. let them know us and know them, exchange technology with them, make friendship and in so doing in future who knows living planets in this Universe will be one as in communication.

          • Hi Lecier,

            How does one co-operate with these ‘supposed’ aliens? One has no choice in the matter as far as their activities are concerned, it’s like the animals on which we experiment, they don’t have a choice, they are powerless and so are we.

  2. To be honest I havent ever really looked hard for implants on myself, yes Ive thought about the tracking side of things, how is it that ‘they’ followed us no matter where in the world we lived etc and Im aware of many others that have found implants . I just dont know how they do it, (track us)apart from the implants, could it even be by brain wave? When things were at the most intense we were having the same visitations even when we travelled from the US back to Oz and back and forth, it seemed we couldnt escape them. It got to the stage where i was actually going to go semi-public through a group who were writing a book of such encounters and asked if i wanted to take part, yet as soon as i made that decision to do so, it was almost like i was then warned off, “told” not to do it, so i pulled out of the project,and not long after the visitations really slowed down. But I do feel that… anxiety, almost, at times to follow through with trying on my own to find out what is going on, why so many are now seeing and experiencing visitations and sightings so frequently, even mass sightings are becoming more common.
    At the end of the day for me, the one out of all our visitations that i cant shake is that blue light, the blue room, what it was, where the light came from, and who was with us that night along with all the other nights before and after.

    • as much as strange things are happening around the world but to my Africa such things like the UFOs have never been sighted ever since,i wounder why all things that come have to happen in Europe,Asia,etc.don’t you think such information is misleading,its contradicting,with the Holy Bible,not in any book were such things mentioned by Jesus or the Apposes.aren’t these story created?

      • Oh dear rhon, you are misinformed, ufo sightings are very common place in Africa. I was born in Africa and lived there for most of my life and, remember when I first heard about them, they were called Flying Saucers. At the time I thought these Fying Saucers were just an elaborate joke until I attended a Flying Saucer conference which was widely publicised in the local paper. A lady named Cythia Hind was the African Mufon representative and produced picture slides, books on the subject and world-wide news paper reports of this phenomenon. The conference was packed to the eyeballs with interested and curious attendees, I was one of them and maintained to this day an interest in the subject of ufos.

        The late Cynthia Hind visited and investigated first hand, sites in Africa where ufos landed along with their occupants who were sighted by many people. She has written books on the subject and produced a monthly booklet titled ‘Afrinews’ updating subscribers on African ufo incidents along with those world-wide.

        If you google Afrinews ufo magazine, some of her booklets are publicised with many of the ‘graphic’ African encounters.

      • Hi rhon and everyone on this site,
        I thought I’d expand on my comments re ufos in Africa and give you a taster of some of the spectacular accounts given by African witnesses. ~ ~

  3. Please Stevie, there is help that works and it is based on years and years of research into abductions. There are hundreds if not thousands of testimonies out there telling how they were able to end these visitations and abductions immediately and forever. There is most definately a tie between the paranormal and what people think are ETs. It is the belief of many now that these things are not ET but ID or interdemensional and from the spirit world. he same place where evil spirits and fallen angels inhabit. They have the ability to pop in and out of our dimension at will. The realization for many has been that ETs are nothing more than another form of demonic manifestation used to deceive and manipulate people. Please go to and there are quite a few other organizations out there that have been able to assist people in ending these encounters immediately. You can also test the spirits tonight if you want by saying as soon as you fell them around (or say it outloud in your head if you are paralized, it works both ways) “Jesus rebuke you” or “the blood of Christ rebuke you” and I think you will be utterly astounded how peaceful your bedroom will become in an instance. What would be helpful also to others is to come back and tell everyone what happened when you did this and you will be able to help many others. Please don’t wait, it has been going on far to long with you, end it now and help others as well.

    • Hi JK, thankyou for your comments. I totally accept that the visitors may be from other dimensions,planes etc or of course may be of ET origin, its one of those things we may never discover. But the fact they are out there is whats worrying to so many. Over the years i have tried many things to try to…. block them, i’d guess you could say, and whilst certainly some things work for others, in my case the only thing that ‘worked’, per se, was the acceptance over time of their appearances, the fact that getting upset didnt help, beseeching others for help didnt do so, so even when on the verge of panic i eventually realised that i could calm myself down by just accepting it was going to happen, and…. let it.
      I did ask for protectiong and guidence from God, from anyone who would help, and again, i have no doubt it does work for many, but also again, in my case it never did, thats when i got to the stage of acceptance. No, it doesnt mean i willingly allowed it, but rather i knew it was at the point that the more i fought it, the more stress on me/ my husband, whoever it was happening to that night.
      I am at the stage now where i do dispair of ever finding out what that blue light was, i see it all so clearly in my head, no matter what i have been through before or since, that night stays with me, and the feeling that went with it at the time is building again. I dont know why its come back so strongly, why it seems so important, and why now, but it is, and i feel such a compulsion to find out more about it, to try and sort out what was going on, and who ‘they’ were, whay they followed us for so long.
      But it is something i have experienced all my life -- earliest memories are of a toddler having some experiences, and yes im serious -- though the blue room i remember that one night. I am hoping others out there will admit to going through the same thing and we can ALL try to work out what it was, who ‘they’ are etc, and offer support to everyone going through ANY sort of experience.
      Thankyou again for your reply, and im glad there are people like you out there helping others and supporting us all, as we try to support others as well.

      • Hi Stevie,
        Are you still experiencing visitations and when was the most recent?

        • Hey Pat, yes we still have… experiences, both my husband and I, and it comes in waves. But both of us have been going through the same sort of thing as when the last big wave happened which included the blue room.
          The most recent? Last week? Lately im actually losing track of days, in fact the only reason i know what day it is sometimes is to look at my work roster and say ok, I worked that shift yest so it must be this one today, its almost like i’m ‘shifting’, which is a word i use to explain that strange feeling that you have been somewhere else etc but then find yourself in another situation, if that makes sense.
          We are both feeling something very unsettling, and at times I have awoken to find myself not in bed- yes, most certainly could be sleepwalking, its happened all my life, but the weird thing is the lack of rection from our dogs. Usually if i get out of bed and walk around that awakes them and they get up to follow me, lately when this has been happening -- the past year its started again -- when i ‘come too’ they are still soundly asleep and dont notice me appearing, or if they do , its like i just appeared there -- as they are terriers, they normally notice any noise around the house had i been walking around.
          Again, people could find other reasons for all this, all i know is that this is the same pattern the other visitations and experiences have followed. Sometimes we will both have that feeling of seeing someone, of being elsewhere, yet cant seem to formulate it and work out where or what. But it is affecting both of us. We are otherwise healthy stable adults, great family life etc, in fact we know that its our stable life as a family unit, including our son, that has stopped us from going nuts.
          The whole thing is building up, its like a sense of something happening, and i cant figure why its started again, and the obsession i feel is exactly what happened during the last big series of visitations. I have no answers, but would love to hear if you or anyone else is going through the same thing. I have heard there have been in fact increased sightings and other experiences around the world, so dont know if they are linked. But def something big is going on.

          • Hi Stevie,
            These visitation you mention,if possible, can you expand on them please. By this I mean who/what is visiting you? And what actually happens during these visitations?

            If your experiences are in the category of abductions or the classic ET type experiences, I must honestly say, I have not ‘knowingly’ experienced this. However, I did wonder in an earlier input, if in fact there is a blurring between what is categorised as ET visitations and other spiritual/ghost-type/poltergeist experiences OR if in fact they could be in some way one and the same thing?

          • Hi Pat,

            Yes re the blurring between alien and/or paranomal type visitations,certainly could be one and the same, or of course totally seperate, its so hard to tell. Alot of the times i have been totally and genuinely too scared to look at what/who ‘they’ are, i can feel them right by me, sometimes actually hear breathing/noises from them, i swear they have been that close, but again i am usually too scared to look at them that i can remember.

            That is the thing here, do we see them more but have that memory wiped clean, either by ‘them’ or by our own subconsiousness trying to protect us?

            One incident i still remmeber very clearly as i did briefly look, i first saw a very bright room, and then saw standing over me in profile talking to someone else was a definate human male, he said ‘Do you want me to return it?” and the other person, out of my sight, said yes. I knew they were talking about me, referring to me as ‘it’ rather than as a person, and as the nearest man starting turning i also clearly remember thinking that i cant let him see that i have seen and heard him so quickly closed my eyes.

            For a long time afterwards his profile was so deeply etched in my mind that i would have recognised him on the street just from that, and i still see him in my mind. DEFINATE military presence about him down to the dark uniform, but in the brief time i was aware, i couldnt see any insignia without turning my head more and therefore alerting them that i was awake.

            As to the ‘others’, they do have distinctive odours about them, sour and sharp, sometimes almost vinegery and skunkish, but impossible to miss, in fact its usually the smell that makes me aware, and thats when i fully awake and realise whats going on, also hear other noises, you can definately hear someone moving next to you, and the feeling of dread is terrible, thats why i am too scared to often look at them, though possibly i have but cant remember clearly.

            I have considered more and more getting…. hypnotised or such to try and remember more, but also have to admit i am scared with what i may then remember seeing, but it has got to the point where i may have to take that chance and just do it.

          • Goodness gracious! Fancy being referred to as ‘it’!! I have read accounts about these entities having a ghastly pong -- probably because they spend their time space travelling with no thought of bathing and more so, if they think you have been anaesthetized, you would hardly be in a position to smell them. On the other hand, I also read demons also stink to high heaven!!! πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve had a “Blue Room” experience as well and although it was initially frightening I believe it was a good intentioned visit. I’ve had other similar experiences that didn’t involve the blue glow or light that were not pleasant. I believe that like humans can be good or bad those from other places can be good or bad as well. Align yourself and your beliefs with all that is Good and you will be protected from evil.

    • Hi AAD
      Please tell us more about your Blue Room experience along with any other experiences.

  5. Hey Pat,
    i have replied to your post but because i had put my new email address in that appropriate section im not sure if the reason the mods havent posted it yet is because they arent sure if its actually from me?? If the mods are reading this, yes that last reply with the new email is me, this one i am using in this post has been hijacked and i dont want to use it anymore πŸ™‚ Thankyou

  6. Hi jk,
    It would appear from Stevie’s input, she has tried many ways to get rid of these nocturnal entities but has failed. No doubt even your ‘full proof'(?) remedy of invoking the name of Christ/Jesus doesn’t seem to be working. What then, in your view is visiting/bothering her family, bearing in mind, demons are afraid of the name Jesus?

    • Hi Pat, I don’t like to question other people’s faith without knowing them better but I don’t think Stevie will mind if I take a shot at what I think she was saying in her response to me. Stevie you can help by answering these questions for us, this is just what I discern from what you wrote and why I think certain things did not work and how they would work in a different way. If you believe the Bible, no one can talk to God except by accepting Jesus’ gift of sacrificing Himself so that we would not have to be sacrificed. That is why when we pray we pray to God but it is a in Jesus name, the name above all names. He told us in His Word that “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no man can come to the Father (God) but by Me”. So simply, Jesus, who was the only Holy and pure man to walk the earth, died, even though He did not have to, so that we could stand before a Holy God blameless and without sin. An awesome free gift that we only have to accept and belief in order to live a blessed life now and an eternal life with Him in Heaven. What has that got to do with Stevie? Number one, Stevie, were you calling out specifically to the Jehovah God, the God of Judeo-Christians, or were you calling out to god the great presence in the sky, possible creator, generic kind of god? The reason I ask is that there is a huge difference between calling out to Jehovah God for help and calling out genericly to god and hope maybe someone is listening. The aliens (fallen angels) know exactly who you are calling on, they will even s the word god in front of you because in their way they are purposefully saying generic god. They will say it in a way that makes you think it is God Almighty but they can handle it as long as they know that they are talking of the generic word god. Now if you intentionally and with thought and purpose call out to God our Heavenly Father, not only will He know you are calling on Him but these aliens will know as well and they will have to flee, right then. Now, the name of Jesus cannot be confused with any othe jesus, Jesus is the name above all names, He is the Son of God, Jehovah God no mistaking it. These alien (fallen angels) cannot stand in the presence of the name of Jesus. I have never heard anyone say that during a paranormal or alien encounter that they sincerely called upon the name of Jesus during these events that it did not end immediately. That is why I pleaded with Stevie to say “Jesus rebuke you” or “the blood of Christ rebuke you” the next time she had a visitor. It will work because there is only One Jesus,the aliens (fallen angels), cannot hide behind symantics or lower case “g” over upper case “G”. I am not preaching or downing anyone else’s belief but, if you were calling out to God without the knowledge of Jesus, then most likely God did not hear your call or your prayer because the only way to the Father is through the Son. Either way, they (evil in any form) cannot mistake the name of Jesus, Stevie did not mention calling out to Jesus and I really don’t think that she did and it is a common issue that the devil likes people to believe. I called out to god and got no response, wrong. You called out to God in the wrong way and God says that there is no other god before Him and Jesus is the only Way to Him. Stevie, if you have not said the things that I was hoping that you would say, you probably will not find relief until they decide not to bother you any more and there is a possibility that they will not stop. If you want them to stop bothering you, simply say the two phrases that I wrote for you to say. It will work. Wha’s next? If you call out to Jesus and He ends years and years of fear and uncertainty in an instance, I would think it fair to say that you would seek to know Jesus and more about Him and that is why He will deliver you from this. Jehovah God is not the god of all religions wrapped up into some far off gallaxy. He is Jehovah God, our Creator and through the name of His Son Jesus He has given us authority over evil and even over angels bad or good, but you must accept the Gift and claim Christ as your own. So say the things that I wrote, be an eyewitness to what God through Christ Jesus can and will do for you, write it here on this site so that you can help many others in the same boat as you are now. If I was a betting man, I would be willing to bet that that is His purpose for your life is to help others in the same situation. Please help yourself first and call on Jesus to not and get on with your new awesome life.

      • Hi again JK,

        Whilst i totally respect everyones views and their religious beliefs, these days what you described as trying would not work as i dont have or follow that same type of beliefs as you. I belong to another belief system, though when i was going through the blue room stage i certainly believed in God enough to ask, no BEG, for his guidance and help.

        I have found myself that evoking Gods name does help believers when daemons etc are involved -- not when other entities are visiting though. I believe some are genuinely fearful of the name of God, but others arent. I liken it to those in society that are respectful of the law and those that arent -- if you threaten police involvement, thats enough for some to quiet down, for others , either they see it as a challange, or quite frankly it doesnt mean anything one way or the other.

        I am staunch Pagan, i dont worship anything per se, any entity, im not religious in that way, though i do BELIEVE there are those powers etc, if you see what im saying.

        But thats why i also know in my gut there are different sorts of visitors -- as i was saying to Pat in another post, you can feel the difference. Some are def from a more spiritual world, more etheral, whereas others are def here and now, they are solid and able to be felt.

        Years ago when i was trying to talk about all this with someone who was a New Ager, their response was simply not to read anything about the subject and it would all magically go away! Hey maybe it would have worked for him, but not for me.

        But again it shows there are certainly any number of ideas etc out there as to how it can help, and some things DO help with alot of people, but i cant stress enough, we are dealing with unknown entities, and unknown types of those entities, and to this day no one thing has ever helped me with the visitations -- they happen with or without my blessing.

        But please believe i truly am thankful for your advice; i just really do wish it could help me, then and now.


      • Hello jk,

        At some later stage I will relate one of the many true stories which happened to me years ago and would like to hear your take on what may have happened and this involved invoking, in some way, Jesus.

  7. Sorry Pat, forgot to answer your other question in there too.

    As to what happens during these visitations, like many others, i have felt myself being invaded, body-wise, things inserted into my orifices, and once i came to after one such encounter to find a burn across one of my eyebrows, witnessed by my husband; it cleared up within hours if i remember correctly, but what had happened clearly in the hours before that, i saw something spinning down towards my face, very bright lights so i couldnt see past them, just this spinning tool getting close to my face, to my eyes so obviously i closed them to protect them, and thats why as soon as i awoke and immediatly remembered what had happened, i went to the bathroom with my husband and we saw this burn; even though i havent seen a radiation burn personally, thats the first thing that popped into my mind, but it disappeared within hours.

    I was so scared i didnt even go out to get film for my camera to document it, though in hindsight of course i berate myself for not doing so.

    None of mine encounters that i am aware of have been of a good nature, but rather scary, and certainly invasive.

    The weird thing is, since i had a hystorectomy a few years back, that part of the encounters seems to have certainly dried up alot, though we both still feel we are clearly being visited still.

    • Hi Stevie,
      You’ll find thus far, I have neglected to mention any perculiar experiences which I may have had in my life, but have asked many questions because I’ve been trying to draw a parallel with what others have experienced and my own past experiences.

      You mention spinning bright lights in close proximity to your face, that is something which I experienced aged 15 years. I was asleep (my bed up against the wall) facing the wall, when I was awakened by a spinning vibrant orange light. It was on the wall a foot away from my face, spinning rapidly and changing its size from large to very small, I was motionless eyes glued to this spinning light, however, I was unaware of any presence in my bedroom. When it ceased and disappeared, I was confounded and quite frankly thought it was a paranormal experience of a sort, and have thus placed all my early extraordinary frightening and some awesome experiences as paranormal rather than ET contacts.

      • Hey Pat,
        Would really love to hear more about your experiences over the years, there is so many people affected, they often have totally different exp though at the same time alot are strangely similar. It sounds like something was trying to possible hypnotise you whilst they did their thing, did you notice how much time passed? Though obviously looking at a clock is not the first thing we always think of doing πŸ™‚
        But please do talk about your experiences if you feel you want to, if you are comfortable, we may be all getting visited by different entities etc or the same, we cant really know, but still its good to get it out.
        I think we are being visited by many entities, alot are paranormal, and others are….. def different from the paranomal ones, but i dont claim to know exactly what they are or where they are from.
        I have felt that difference when visited by one or the other, different inside and by what they do etc, i guess its almost like when you are visited by a friend ( not that these are friends at all) and when you are visited by a stranger, you obviously know the difference, its like that, one acts in one way and you view it one way and the other….
        I def agree some are demons, paranomal entities, the ones re the blue room though, that was a whole different thing again, ‘they’ had visited, and that whole timeframe that went on for some years before tapering off again, it seemed ‘they’ were the same ones visiting, whereas over the years have had visitations i def would classify as paranomal.

        • Hi Stevie,
          Let’s first establish the meaning of the word ‘paranormal’ in the Oxford dictionary. “Beyond the scope of normal objective investigation or explanation”.

          I believe there are many topics which fall in this category and thus far we touched on the following:-

          Religion which included charactors in the bible like God, Jesus Christ, ‘demi-gods’, angels, sons of the gods, demons etc., in addition we spoke about sightings of UFOs and their occupants which included ‘the greys’, and those of other descriptions, also the incredible manoeuvrability of these vessels which to all intents and purposes appear to be tangible objects which have the ability to materialize and de-materialize at a blink of an eye. Furthermore we heard about the spectacular display of lights generated by these beings, also the distinct feeling that some people were being abducted with their various anatomies being proded etc. etc. We also heard about possible travels out of the body and into the cosmos or possibly parallel worlds. And as these appeared to be wide-spread, we chatted as though these are occurrences and intrusive acts upon our persons by physical beings in/on our physical world, yet we have no tangible evidence to produce to the world at large -- Why? Because it is “Beyond the scope of normal objective investigation or explanation”, so it is all paranormal. Shall we now veer off into another aspect of the paranormal? Perhaps the moderator can allow us a new thread to touch on our experiences relating to what we think could be ghosts, poltergeists, related entities and the like.

          • Hi Pat,

            Yes technically speaking it is all paranormal; for the sake of arguement i was trying to convey what i felt was a difference in visitations and other matters. Certainly another thread would be best suited to talking about what else has visited, what other entities and the like people have seen or been visited by.

            All i know is that i have been visited by numerous different entities, spirits, what have you, and also been visited by somethings that are decidely ‘solid’, so to speak. As i mentioned in my last post, there are distinct differences in some of the visitations, therefore i feel they have been by different… beings etc.

            Thats why there will never be one true and tried method to stopping it all from happening, and why i am so reluctant to go into other areas, to talk about it, as quite simply there are those out there who refuse to believe that ‘their’ method doesnt work, that they dont have all the answers- no one does, as we dont know what or who ‘they’ are.

            I certainly dont have any answers; I just know what i have experienced over my life, and hope that by talking to others we may come upon common themes- it really does help sometimes just getting it out, even if its gradual.

            For me, the blue room episode was so different, yet also so much a part of what was going on over that period. We would genuinely feel something there in the rooms with us, see actual shadows and shapes at times, and as i said earlier, these seemed ‘solid’ as opposed to what i have experienced some other times where i just felt that ‘they’ were more on another plain, yet able to still interact etc with us.

            Hard to talk about it all and make it sound real, I know thats a huge problem with this whole subject, to put what are often lifechanging experiences into words that convey what the individual went through without it sounding cliched or made up -- and again the reason i hesitate from discussing other events; quite simply, i dont have words to fully descibe it all.

  8. Hello there moderator πŸ™‚

    Are we allowed to expand on what we have been discussing and touch on other aspects of the paranormal? I’m sure it would be most interesting.

    • Absolutely Pat -- and hello to you too πŸ™‚

  9. I have been searching for someone, anyone who has had a similar experience to what I call my “Blue Experience” and am amazed and relieved to find that I am not the only one. At present I don’t wish to discuss it but would love to talk to Stevie if that’s possible to please pass on my email address. Thank you for giving me some help at last.

    • Lesley, for the privacy and safety of all involved it is our policy not to allow personal contact information to be posted or shared. Perhaps you may consider discussing your situation or questions anonymously. You aren’t required to use your real name here. many use a nickname, initials or other alias.

      And welcome to the site! I am really pleased that you were able to find someone else with an experience similar to yours.

    • Hi Lesley,

      Oh this is amazing if you have had that same sort of Blue Room experience, i am so relieved to hear from you -- as i am of anyone who answers here, but am especially glad to hear that someone else has had the same thing.

      Please do talk to us about this, yes do so anon, Stevie is my nickname, i feel better doing it that way instead of using my real name.

      As ive mentioned in previous posts, i have had lifelong experiences, some of one nature, some of another, but its the blue room that has stuck itself in my mind like its important, though ive had many others that were more terrifying, its that night that sticks out. I really would love so much to learn more about it, but short of someone standing up and saying ‘its me!’ i dont know if we’ll ever have the answers.

      But i feel real relief since i have joined this site and finally got it all out, finally found the outlet to talk to talk about it. Please do create another identity if you wish and get it out, i know its hard, many people never talk about it because of receiving ridicule etc in the past which has also happened to me, but the relief you will feel…. i do so hope to hear more about your experiences, especially that blue experience; you are the first one ive ever actually made contact with that has gone through the same thing. I really look forward to hearing anything you have to tell us here πŸ™‚ take care, stevie

      • Hi Stevie,
        I do sometimes miss some of the comments and responses and wondered if you read jk’s comments on 25 March re the correct manner in which one is meant to invoke the name of Jesus in order to get rid of unwanted supernatural nocturnal visitations. Perhaps if you could try again and let us know at a later date if it has worked.

        • Hi Pat,
          Thankyou for the headsup as i had missed JK’s comment so have answered that now πŸ™‚

      • Hi Stevie,

        thank you for your message and also thank you for your advice about using a different name but I prefer to be truthful about who I am as my trilogy is based on truthful facts about my experiences in the psychic and paranormal realm. The first book, Fire in my Hands through the Land of colour, deals with many amazing events which have happened throughout my life and the Second Beyond Belief in the Land of Rhythm is even more powerful and perhaps shocking to some people. The third which will be out before Christmas is the most powerful of all and describes in great detail my Blue Experience.

        I did not want to divulge very much information the other day as I wasn’t sure about the site but now I feel more comfortable writing to you. My own Blue experience I will outline as there must be many more people who have had similar experiences and when I read your account, the other day I was wonderfully relieved, as for the past sixteen years I have been too reticent to talk about it, as I hold a responsible position in my community and was afraid of being ridiculed. That’s partly the reason why, in the end I decided to be truthful about everything and write my trilogy.

        My strange, Blue experience happened sixteen years ago when I was living alone in a small cottage, in a village where Richard the third had a castle, so it is full of history and lost vibrations from the past and I was used to paranormal happenings. One night before I went to sleep, I heard tapping on my roof and as my bed was directly under the eaves, I thought it was raining, but somehow the sound didn’t quite replicate rain so I got up and looked outside. It was a lovely bright but cold night, with no hint of a rain cloud. Puzzled I got back into bed but the sound continued and I thought a tile must be loose. Just as the tapping got louder the room was flood with electric blue light. Everything happened simultaneously. The Blue light was a sound, was a vibration, was a taste, was a smell. It somehow flooded my whole being and I was drounded in Blue. I remember looking at the wall with the sound invading my head and then there was nothing. I don’t know how long I was away from myself but when I was conscious I was sitting up in bed and something or someone was at the end of my bed calmly coaxing me to lie down and think of something peaceful. I obeyed listening to their instructions and I took myself back to a time when I was three years old with my great grandfather in a garden. I went peacefully asleep. In the morning when I woke I had a slight headache but when I realised what had happened I was terrified.

        In the bath that morning I discovered a small round object on my right ankle placed over a vein. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. I tried to dislodge it, move it, squeeze it, but it was too hard and had a small rim of dried blood around it. Instinctively I knew it was alien to my body and an implant of some kind.Over the years I have tried to cut it out, but it is too painful, being over a vein. A short while ago, I know it was deactivated because there was a rim of blood around it and it had changed shape and wasn’t so hard, but other things have happened I know that it has been replaced.

        Lesley Ann Eden

        • Hi again Lesley,

          Im so glad you posted again, and wrote about your Blue experience. I dont know why it should be this colour seems to be associated with the visitations etc, but you also hear of it when people describe UFO sightings, they often mention a blue light being witnessed, but you are the first one ive personally had contact with re the Blue room type of happening.

          Do you have any ideas as to the what/why of it? I still dont have any clearer ideas to this day as to what it was or what it means. As ive mentioned previously i am determined to eventually go through some type of therapy to see if i can remember any more details -- some of it is so very clear, but when i realised there was ‘someone’ there in the doorway, thats when the real fear set in and i gladly welcomed oblivion.

          I find it fascinating you actually witnessed the blue light firing up, so to speak; my first memory was that it was already there, the room was totally enveloped every inch, so where does it come from?

          Thats so good you have been able to set into writing about your experiences -- i had been invited to do that some years ago, but felt… uncomfortable at that time; strangely, earlier this year i felt that sudden charge that it was time to start coming out more with what i have gone through, which is how i ended up here.

          I am in the process of trying to find a way to talk about it all on video, though at this stage i still cringe at letting my face out there, but i will gradually try to explain more on videos of my own making, simple ones i will put out there probably through the anonymity of youtube.

          Sounds small, but for me after all the ridicule and estrangement ive had over the years due to whats happened and trying to find others that understand,its a huge step, and even if one person sees it and says ‘hey that happened to me too!’, then its worth it.

          Look forward again to hearing more from you. One day i will also discuss more of what has happened re visitations etc over the years.

        • Wow!!!! Just have to tell you what happened after relating my Blue Experience… after writing my account I logged off and returned to my home page to find that my screen saver had been changed from the scene of fields and mountains to an electric blue masse with vibrational waves undulating across it. I was astounded, especially as I do not have the computer skills or the ‘know how’ to change it!I thought that it was something I must have clicked by mistake and that all would return to normal. But this morning, my computer heralds a bright elecric blue wallpaper which is just like the electric blue light in the room that night.

          Also if I may say that my second book will be available shortly, thank you Stevie for allowing me to promote the first one. Also last night I had the most fantastic experience which I believe might enable us to shed a little light on our blue experiences. I am undertaking extensive research and am unlocking some information which I will share with everyone which might help us to understand the reason why it happened, but in the meantime the blueness of now is reassuring and very comforting, not scary as it has been. Thank you again for allowing me to share.
          Lesley Ann

          • Does anyone know the deeper esoterical meaning of te colour blue? Perhaps if one could establish that, we may understand.

            On the other hand, the blue light may have been their probe through dense matter very similar to the technology used by the British immigration officers when they are searching for stowaways on trucks in cross-border raids at ports between France and England. It is an Xray technology which penetrates the external steel cover to expose those hiding inside the closed truck. The light appears in a bright lightish blue. What do you think Leslie and Stevie? Perhaps humans prying where they shouldn’t!!!

          • Hi again Lesley Ann,

            Oh you are more than welcome re the promoting, Im just glad you found this site and this page, just as i am.

            Thats amazing re the screen saver change, and it a cord with me, as over the last couple of months i have found things happening that have ended up with me drawn to that same electric blue colour that was seen that night.

            At work, i wear straight black uniform, we can wear other colours etc but i have always work straight black since day one, but a few weeks back, i reached into my closet and pulled out this electric blue shirt i never wore,( and dont know why i bought it!) and put it on, almost without realising it, then wore it to work. Then during lunchtime i went into a shop to buy other goods, but walked out buying simply some paper napkins ( serviettes) again the exact same colour, though i didnt need them or even want them.

            Its just that for some reason that colour is becoming so… prominent i guess to those of us that have seen it, we find ourselves being drawn to it, and thats after years of trying to push all those memories and happenings away, or at least not spend time thinking about them.

            But now its almost like something has activated those same memories again, and for me thats how i came to end up on this site talking about that night.

            There was so much else going on, would take me ages to get it all out, and as yet, i still dont feel totally comfortable with it all, talking openly about it. As i said to Pat in another post, its hard for people to talk about so much of what theyve gone through mainly because putting it into words can so often make it sound madeup, or dreamlike; its hard to convey what is often life-changing experiences for so many.

            I really look forward to reading more about your experiences too; maybe your confidence to talk about it will rub off and i will feel more confident too to use outlets to talk more in depth. But itll be great to hear other experiences from you, and others of course, and hopefully find others too who have been through similar times.


          • Hey Pat,

            Yes have wondered re the meaning of that blue, what it is etc, espeially since so many have also seen it when having sightings of UFO’s etc, yes might certainly be a type of scan, and as for human involvement.. well i def believe there is alot of that, maybe not everytime but certainly there is that involvement.

            I have wondered also if its part of the process that the visitors use to access our homes; after all they dont simply walk in through the front door! So it could be the colour is a doorway, or the sign that our waves, our world, has been breached, i just dont know.

            Anything is possible i guess, but i do feel that it is more to do with Alien/UFO visitations than ‘other’ types -- though i could be wrong on that, but its what feels right with me, even when it happened, and the things that were also going on at the time, we had not real doubt that we were being visited by certain beings as opposed to spirits etc ( which we’ve also had our fair share of!)

            I have tried to look into more about the blue light, maybe others have ideas as to why it seems that colour is seen so much during UFO-type sightings.

          • Lesley I dont usually allow links and promotions on the site but I checked your book out and decided to put in a link to it.

  10. This is a great site. Our history is twisted and manipulated. So much has been lost and destroyed, from the inquisitions, Cortez, the colonization of America,and so on. I believe Sitchin had it right and I also believe we are being watched. Has anyone seen the u.f.o. over the dome of the rock? It is pure light, just as some ancient writings, depict angels. Just look at the Hubble deep field shot and try to even imagine we are all there is. IMPOSABLE! I have gone through huge change the last few years and feel like I am evolving faster and gaining true wisdom. I have a better understanding of the big picture. I hope truth,reason, and love will soon prevail and we can be the caretakers of this world and all its life.

    • I have been interested in Sitchin’s theories and ideas for quite some time. Zechariah died not too long ago but he left us a lot to think about. Zechariah Sitchin and the Annunaki

      • Yes Alien UFO Truth Seeker, Zecharia Sitchin’s findings and analysis of certain myths,legends and ancient artifacts are very exciting and thought-provoking and in my opinion fill the gap of the elusive ‘missing link’ in mankinds evolutionery history.

        • HePat, yeah that is how I look at it too. I feel that the “annunaki” and their activities could very well be the so-called missing link mankind has been searching for

      • Hi Alien UFO Truth Seeker,

        Thank you for the link provided,I was pleasantly surprised to note the varied paranormal topics along with inputs from many other contributors. Is this sight, with the different ‘hubs’ (new word for me) part of this/your Alien UFO Truth website or is it only a link to related paranormal topics?

        • The hubpages site is a place where anyone can sign up and submit articles. So the articles there are from many different people from all over the world.

          • Good, this site we’re on presently is not connected, so when I’ve pumped up enough courage, I can offload some of my true and personal experiences like our new friend Lesley Ann Eden. πŸ™‚

          • I would love to read about your experiences with this stuff. I have been fascinated with the topic of UFOs and ETs ever since I was a kid. I have only had 2 UFO sightings. One I am sure was not explainable by anything mundane but the other I am not sure about. I wrote about one of them here . The other sighting was also with a witness (but only 1 this time) and we watched two cigar shaped craft fly over our heads. These two things were completely silent and traveling slowly. Both sightings were in the same area and over 30 years ago.

          • My experiences were indeed paranormal BUT I can’t categorise them as UFO/ET visitations because I simply don’t know and have instead assumed they were supernatural spirits of various sorts because the experiences were very different. As we mainly focus on UFO/ETs on this page, i’m not sure if my experiences though (frightening/intriguing/awesome) would be of interest to you all.

      • Hey George and Mod,
        Im finding too that maybe alot of the answers lay in finding out more from our beginnings. I have always been big believer in Panspermia, and dont believe the generic ‘we came from this to this’ that we are taught at school. Will also be looking into the work of Zechariah Sitchin -- in recent years i had almost hidden away from looking into it all in more depth, so def will be tossing that approach away and going forward and embracing it, trying to see what answers and ideas are out there, and maybe finally finding that ‘aahhhhh’ moment ive long been looking for. πŸ™‚

        • I wonder Stevie if we will ever arrive at the truth, it’s all so illusive -- all of it.

          • You know Pat i dont thing we ourselves will find the answers to what we go through; i believe itll take more of a disclosure by those actually involved before things are made clearer. The good thing is that more and more people in authority, in higher positions, are coming forward and talking about their knowledge and strong beliefs in all this, and we can just hope that leads to more definate disclosures. Until then, all we can do is talk about our experiences, hope w can all come together and see what sort of patern there is and maybe from that have at least a better idea of what could be going on.

  11. Thank you Stevie and Pat and anyone who is interested in our ‘Blue’ association. Thank you Stevie for looking into my book, as I said the second will be out soon and is even more powerful than the first. It is strange about our reaction to the colour after our experience. For a long time afterwards whenever I saw the same electric intensity I became afraid and couldn’t look at the colour!! Yesterday when i was bowled over by my screen saver, I thought perhaps it might have been changed the previous day by one of the technicians when I was attending a book sign in. I have to mention this because Iu have to be truthful at all times about everything, otherwise there is no point in writing what has happened, so this might be a possibility which i can’t rule out. However, the colour remains on my screen and is the same intensity as the colour that flooded my being that night.

    The colour blue is often used to induce tranquility, peace and healing. Sometimes if I wish to calm a person I will surround them with blue images, eg, the sea etc and this seems to work well. When I was travelling through the rain forest in Guatemala and climbed the highest temple to witness the dawn across the jungle, I saw, not yellow, not pink, not white light first streaking across the forest but electric blue!!! With it came the sound of breathing like the sound of the sea.
    I will write more, but now I have to dash…. will be back later.

  12. Hello,

    back after a long day, to resume….Pat asked about the colour blue, and as I mentioned previously, at present, I am doing some heavy research into our Blue experience for my third book. I am beginning to form some ideas as to the reason why it happened to us, which you might find hard to believe- but firstly I’ll list some of the blue associations and a little of my findings:

    Blue is one of the highest healing colours and represents a high degree of spirituality. It symbolizes the ‘best of its kind’ eg presenting someone with a blue ribbon.

    Its vibrational qualities are amazing (I want you to keep the following in mind when I present my theory)

    1. The vibrations blue gives off can be used as a natural antiseptic!
    2.Blue helps to slow the human metabolism right down.
    3. Blue calms the autonomic nervous system.
    4.Blue electric light reduces blood pressure.
    5.Blue colour and projected light reduces pain!!
    6. Blue is associated with encouraging new ideas to formulate and aids communication.
    7. Blue is associated with ‘wonder”freedom’ and ‘dreams’.
    8.Blue is used for technical excellence and precision.
    9. Blue is used to strengthen new beginnings.
    10. Blue is used for vibrational communication.

    These are just some of the findings sketched for you.

    Before I present my ideas to you I just want to place before you the fact that Arctureans come from a blue planet. Arcturus itself is a red/orange planet but the Arcturians come from the blue planet which orbits it. You might want to check out in connection with Arcturians, the idea of starseeds.

    When I set out on this investigation I had no idea that I would find anyone with a ‘blue experience’ and now I am delving deeper, my findings are quite amazing, shocking, yet in a funny way make sense.

    I would like you to investigate my above suggestions and align them with the Blue associations and see what you think and then we can mish-mash our ideas and see what conclusions you come up with.

    Certainly the medical associations tie up, as I know that from my blue experience I was left with an implant and if all the findings are true, then blue makes sense if the human body is going to have something surgically inserted.

    I will look forward to your findings and ideas,

    thank you Blue Friends

    Lesley Ann

    • Hi Lesley Ann,

      Yes def that shade of blue could well be used as an aid for… whoever it is that visits. I have heard and believe alot re colours being used for various methods, in therapy etc especially for calming affects, though i can honestly say i hadnt thought about that in conjunction with the blue room experience, but now youve bought it up it certainly makes sense, and would also help explain as to why its so often associated with UFO sightings.

      I do know one thing; around the time of this happening, i started actually hating even the sunny BLUE sky, i really came to dislike it to to the point that even now i would prefer grey cloudy cold skies and weather year round, and before that blue was my fav colour, now, though i still like some shades, i prefer to stay away from it.

      So whatever happened at that time did trigger a reaction in the sense that since then i look at that colour with …. not fear exactly, but certainly not favourably, i would rather stay away from it which makes my recent ‘drawing’ to it more puzzling re the shirt etc.

      Perhaps because it was used as an aid to whatever went on that night, i dont like it, even to the point, as i said, as to not even liking blue skies. Incidently, my husband feels the same re the blue, it all was triggered at the same time so….. certainly would love to hear more of your thoughts on the matter.


    • Hi Lesley
      If one was to experiment re the varied benefits which the colour blue carries with it, how in essence does one apply the colour blue? ie. perhaps blue electric globes for a blue light affect; blue painted walls; blue clothes surely too ooo ooo much blue would make one feel b-l-u-e like it’s done to Stevie? πŸ™‚

  13. When we lived in Africa, my family spent many hours in our garden after dark, gazing at the spectacular star-spangled night sky -- counting the many satellites which traversed the sky and, I’m almost certain, the beauty of a clear African night sky cannot be rivalled and, I know that now -- living in England.

    One night, my eleven year old daughter and I were doing just that when I said to her ‘you know sweetie, they are always out there watching us’. She knew what I meant and laughing out aloud called me crazy. I then said let’s test my words and see if they are aware of us standing here and see if we can communicate with them.

    We fixed our gaze on a cluster of stars to the north and I said humorously in my normal speaking voice ‘if you are out there, please give us a flash’, to our astonishment, one of the stars in the cluster flashed. I thought it was a coincidence so I said -- ‘please give us another flash’ and to our astonished delight, the same star flashed again. Still not convinced, I waited a few seconds and repeated my request and once again the star obliged. I then said ‘and again, and again, and again’ in quick succession, and, guess what! the star did indeed flash three times in quick succession as requested. We stood there dumb-founded for approx. thirty seconds eyes fixed on the still cluster of stars. And, still doubtful of what we had witnessed, I said, ‘all right then -- give us one last BIG flash’, and to our utter amazement, we were given a last much BIGGER good-bye flash. We then went indoors in confused awe and I have to say slightly fearful.

    Today, I look back and wonder if it was just a natural star twinkle and with wishful thinking on my part caused this illusion experienced by us both OR are they out there, attuned into us generally or at least some of us -- constantly watching us.

    I wonder -- are there others out there who experienced something similar and, I welcome any ideas on your thoughts about this account.

  14. I’m not religious by any means and I’d like to share my personal findings with you all -- if allowed to.

    As we discuss and pontificate over matters to do with the mysterious paranormal, some years ago it dawned on me, we are surrounded by and in some way connected to unseen supernatural, living, interactive, intelligent and powerful creative energies -I have since wondered about it and in my mind have labelled this energy GOD. Perhaps this is the dark unseen energy which scientists recently are confused about and attempting to probe.

    “Ask and it shall be granted in heaven as on earth”. What did/does this really mean? Being human one realizes it’s not that simple to have faith in something we didn’t really know or understand on this physical plane. However, when one is trapped in unpleasant circumstances with -- seemingly no clear way out, we call out in earnest desparation to the cosmos/powers that be for specific intervention and, Lo and behold! miraculously, things begin to unfold before one’s very eyes. THAT IS A PERIOD OF REVELATION! One then questions the event, was it a coincidence or are surrounding unseen all knowing forces in play which have responded to one’s appeal?

    As one becomes tuned into this mind-set, with deliberate awareness, one thing after another -- over time -- confirms without a doubt, there are unseen forces at play because results over time most certainly, in my opinion are not coincidental.

    I developed a very smug feeling in time as I felt I had stumbled upon a boundless universal secret. My findings were, if one is genuinely in need and powerless to effectively deal with the situation, have ‘THE’ belief, awareness and knowledge, one only had to verbally present one’s case -- no matter how mundane, leaving it in the hands of this surrounding power/energy and watch things sytematically unfold before your very eyes in the most perfect and decisive manner -- not instantly -- patience is a virtue.

    My experiences were/are not airy fairy but most specific, which left/leaves me in no doubt of my conclusions.

    Then -- Guess what? πŸ™‚ I scour the book shelves in a book store and Hey Presto! I find -- MY ‘SMUG SECRET’ IS NO SECRET AT ALL
    πŸ™ there are books written by authors who are sharing this secret with the world -- they call it “Cosmic Ordering”.

    Are these unseen forces/energies part and parcel of the UFO/ET phenomenon, which can materialize and de-materialize in an instant? Has anyone any thoughts on this aspect?

    • Hey Pat,

      I simply refer to it all as the ‘bigger picture’. Because we dont know, and at this stage, cant prove, what is out there, instead of calling it a name eg God etc, i just know there is alot more out there, other powers, and these days am willing to accept that and hope for further disclosure.

      As to their origin…. again its one of those things i dont know if anytime soon we will know; but even more than that, again it all comes back to also recognising and accepting that there is not ONE single power, but many, just as there is not ONE single alien entitiy but many. We may all be life forms here on earth, but there are obviously millions/billions(?) of lifeforms, and i hold the same is true of both alien and traditional paranormal life forms.

      If people can get help in their lives calling on an paranormal lifeform -- after all, what else could you call an unseen, unknown force, irregardless of beliefs and the title that belief has given them -- then my hat goes off to them. Yes, over my life i have certainly felt a force protecting me when i have been at risk, but i dont know who or what it was.

      There is a bigger picture to it all; i refuse to believe that our being here, the life forms on this earth, were all created by chance, by some hodgepodge sludge that somehow created us all. I do believe we are decendants from alien life of one form or another; maybe thats why we get our ‘checkups’ πŸ™‚

      I find at the end of the day, when things are getting too overwhelming, then its easiest and more settling to just walk on the beach looking up at the sky and marvelling at what it is, a beautiful
      mysterious planet in an equally beautiful universe ( one of many) and just hope that one day we are given more answers, more proof as to what it all means and where it all came from.
      And yes, i do feel that our visitors tend to come more from alternate universes and doorways as opposed to simply flying billions of miles through space to arrive here -- and then not show themselves, hiding away from sight then dissappearing etc

      I dont know if any of what ive said is directly to do with what you were talking about, but its how i look at it all. It is what it is.

  15. well we all have dreams and visions.

    • That is the problem rhon, are they dreams, visions, illusory? Too many credible people have witnessed ufos so they can’t be any of the above, they must be real -- it’s the nature of these vessels and their occupants which are a big mystery.

  16. HELLO Stevie,

    I have been away for a while promoting my second book Beyond Belief in the Land of Rhythm, I am sure you would be interested in my trilogy about strange and unusual happenings. In the third book there is a section on my blue experience which you might find interesting as you have had a similar one yourself. OTHER THINGS HAVE BEEN HAPPENING and I am not quite sure how to deal with them yet and so I am brooding ove the events, like a boody hen hatching her eggs. I don’t want to say much and want to veer on the cautious side.
    Have you had any other blue experiences or was this a one-off? Does the colour blue still have a peculiar effect on you? Does anyone have odd reactions towards a certain colour blue- electric blue. I would love to know.
    Many thanks

  17. Hi Lesley Ann,
    re the Blue Room in that sort of setting, that was the only one like that which i remember clearly, though i have had other instances of the blue in other settings. I still have weird and contradictory feelings towards the colour; one one hand yes its a nice colour BUT having said that, i also have an aversion towards it, would be great to be able to say yes i feel terrified when i see it or no its nothing, but the feelings i have are ….weird!
    I feel depressed when i see it, when i see the sky that colour, i feel like i want to stay hidden away,yet when the sky is grey and overcast i feel alot more at peace, safer almost. Even that doesnt fully explain it properly, its a very deep feeling and i never felt that way before all that series of visititaions, when that night occured.
    Its not a surface fear like a fight or flight response, but rather something incredibly deep i truly cannot find words to explain; even what ive written isnt right, but it is a reaction to that particular electric blue, that shade, and i dont like it whilst at the same time its a nice shade and i find myself almost drawn to it at times…. again not making sense.
    Like you, other things have been happening and i also just dont feel ready to discuss them; to be honest i dont know what it is, its like bits are missing and i cant put it all together, just had another episode two nights ago, and i just feel…. off balance by it. I can remember certain bits, but other vital scenes are missing, like i want to remember but too many pieces have been blocked so…
    Would love to hear more about what youve been through and are going through if you feel like talking about it.
    That colour blue does mean something, there are soooo many accounts of sightings or visitations where people have mentioned that colour in conjunction with their experiences, especially with UFO sightings. Maybe one day we’ll find out more to do with it, as i have no doubt its an important peace of the bigger picture.

  18. This may be a bit random but…earlier today, before reading about Stevie’s experience, I had a song stuck in my head called “Electric Blue Eyes” by the Cranberries. Figured maybe someone here might like it.

  19. Hi there. This is so bizzarre. My boyfriend and I started a conversatin about Aliens tonight. I told him of an experience that happened more than once to me. I was in my bed and all of a sudden I felt paralized and I could not move. It was dark and I lived in the country where there were no lights to shine in my window. All of a sudden a bright blue light filled my room and I could see everything in my room. It was all blue but everything was recognizable. I saw shadows on another occassion and they were extremely tall almost as if they were bent over so they wouldn’t touch the ceiling. I remember trying to call my friend and I couldn’t get my words out. I am not sure if it was cause I felt I couldn’t breathe or from shock. This experience has haunted me at least 5-7 times. I AM NOT CRAZY. This was weird. I went to a shrink and she tried to tell me I was not awake kinda like being in a semi coma or something. The truth I was well awake. I even went as far as to talk to a preacher about it. He said I might be possessed. I know that wasn’t true nor ever has been. I am older now but I will never forget those times. I am not afraid because I know now they didn’t want to hurt me. If they did I am sure I wouldn’t be here speaking of it. Thanks for listening.

  20. That blue light sounds exactly what i went through. Am amazed that a preacher would suggest you were possessed, and though i dont tell people what to believe when it comes to beliefs, i will say that i would take any suggestion that you are possessed with a grain of salt. That is certainly NOT to say i dont believe it happens, as i firmly believe in all aspects of the paranormal, but just not that angle in this case, or my case. I still dont know what the blue light is, and am glad to hear someone else speak of it.
    Re the ‘semi coma’, theres a term of when you are half awake physically but your brain is still in the dream world so you get the ‘bleed-over’ of dreams into your waking state, right now the word escapes me -- i havent long got up! -- but i know that thats not what happened in my case and would assume its not what happened in yours.
    As to finding out what it is, i dont know if we ever will, as you are the only person that has pretty much described the exact same thing as what i went through. i still can remember all the details, and this happened back in the mid nineties, so def not some ‘dream’. All i can say is stick to your guns, believe me there are PLENTY of people out there who would say you imagined it, dreamt it, etc, even in the Paranormal community, but if you know it to be true, as i do with all of my experiences -- i can tell the difference between dreams and waking dreams and reality -- then just stick to your guns and know that there are plenty of us out there who have undergone the same types of experiences. Hopefully one day we’ll find out more of the truth of it all.

  21. As to the blue room circumstances, as I have stated at least a million times now that I have been studying the subject of UFO’s/aliens for 66 years now. Yes, in my several studies I have heard a lot about the blue room deal. Remember this is just an idea maybe it might be correct but I’m going to share some technical information with you. The color (colour) blue is used in the medical for the purpose of getting rid of germs. Also different colors have different frequencies, red is closely related to microwaves used in telecommunications, etc. So, it might be that the color blue might unable them (the aliens) to come into the earth (humans frequences) as too this idea of you’re a dim wit or you’re in contact with demons, this is getting real old. Again if I wanted to keep you from telling others about the truth regarding UFO’s/aliens I can go back to these old outdated terms. That being demon and you’re a nut case! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you’re not a nut case rather an individual who along with numerous others have been in the blue. Some of the abducted individuals aboard the craft (UFO) say they have seen again same thing all of you are reporting that being a blue light room. Again, as to the government going to tell us directly regarding the truth about UFO’s/aliens don’t YOU BELIEVE IT! Read my several postings about me having direct contact with UFO/aliens. The average person is more interested in sports, what movie is he that young singer going to be in. Or she is going to have a baby in the next few months, etc, etc. Why is this? Because in our educational and too the governments we’re taught to not believe things even though in real life they do exsit! Werewolf real? YES shape shifters! Zombies real? YES had a deal on this on national television some time ago, they do not eat nor do they sleep and age. Vampires? YES, they have had them on that nightly Coast to Coast Show and on that same a Vampire killer/hunter telling the host that he hunts them down and yes just like in the movies he uses a wooden stake. The Vampires did say don’t use the Christian Cross nor garlic because this again is only used in Hollywood movies. The general public is getting smarter because of sights like this one that lets us who again studied these things for 66 years now. You’re sharing you’re information like the blue lights and I’m sharing my information what I have read, heard etc. So, again you’re not a mental case or in slang a nut case rather telling the truth. I have had my Chruch in the past along with some of the members try and talk me out of things that even a 5 year old could noticed by the way they gave up on trying to talk me out of it and now they either add other information or just good listeners. Several friend once finding out the truth about me went B O N K E R S and have long gone! The average person can not handled this stuff! Education, Religion, Governments, and this list goes on and on. It’s like learning a new language or a new song or a new religions! Some people can not grab a hold of this! So, BonkerCity instead. Thank you for sharing this information and too thank you for letting us who post and read this sight stuff you’re never hear on the Network Television Stations again for the most part they are not maped out for this kinda information! Jerry Biddle USA

  22. Pat: On one of my postings I asked you to tell me some thing about yourself. I have been reading you’re postings, you indicate that you’re a Minister, which is good. As I have stated numerous times I have studied the subject of UFO’s/aliens. You state that they are bad and demons. Besides studying the subject of Music, UFO’s/aliens for 66 years now. Yes, some of the so-called aliens are very wicked I’ll be the first to state this! Abductions, eating children and some adults can’t make it any worse! But, repeat but not all aliens are bad just like humans, some humans which I could give you a list lasting for several days (ie Hitler) as to the demons, demons do not need a craft to fly in also nor does Angels. I have had indirect experiences with both too long to tell now. Angels don’t need again a craft. They just come like Jesus Christ did in the upper room that incident that lead to Thomas telling he’d have to have more proof! We all know this story of course. What they are saying on the Coast to Coast Show guest that aliens are million of years ahead of humans I had some one knowing more then the CtoCS guest he stated this: 5000 years on some things and 565 years on other things. Even at that look how advanced these two number of years are! Can you mix religion with the studies of UFO’s/aliens? Yup sure can! An angel as stated on the interent helped a young LDS Mormon Church male member kill at least three of the grays the angel told him while they draged the dead bodies out in the backyard “The are sheer evil they don’t mean any thing to us!” Us being of course not only him, but Elohim (God) Jesus Christ and he himself the angel. Now the question one might ask who created them? Why don’t they come down and kill all of them? I believe the Jews and Polish people along with others would of said the same thing about the Nazis during World War II. Also Herod all of those Jews and Roman boys under the age of 2 years old. What did the angel do? Told Joseph and Mary get Jesus out of here! That they did. Pat the more of the Bible you read the more things you’ll wonder! For example this thing called reincarnation boy I sure have a hard time with this one! Let us pick on you Pat, I gather by reading you’re postings your a good perons, now in the next life of reincarnation you might be a bad person!(?) Now what did this prove? Who would want to come back to this hell hole? It just doesn’t add up! Yet more and more people are starting to believe in this reincarnation situation deal! LEAVE ME OUT! Once on earth is enough! Why would Jesus die for our sins if we are coming back again? Who would need him? Again issues, issues! Oh by the way my late parents had angels come to them before they died and they didn’t do the snicky things the aliens do by the way! Males young looking dad’s had blonde hair (like he did when he was a boy) mom’s black hair (like she did when she was a girl)spoke good about Heaven, God, Jesus Christ and etc, etc. We for the most part do not get this from the wicked looking aliens (Grays, reptilians) many, many questions yes I know. So Pat by you’re postings I have read enough to know some thing about you! Read my postings and all of them and you’ll see that my main interest is not UFO’s/aliens, again just read. Jerry Biddle USA

    • Hello Jerry,

      πŸ™‚ At no time have I indicated I am a Minister (I suppose you mean Minister of Religion).
      No No No Jerry, I am your normal everyday individual who has a keen interest in the paranormal or anything related.

      What about the possibility of human beings (who are normally spiritual beings) from another realm taking the form of a physical body and choosing planet Earth as a holiday destination when they are exhausted doing chores in the spiritual realm ie. keeping planets apart in various solar systems, keeping galaxies from colliding, keeping an eye on those who are holidaying on planet Earth making sure they don’t get killed in accidents etc etc.. and when they have had their holiday on Earth, they die and return to their normal duties in another dimension?

  23. Pat: You state you like paranormal, I too like this subject to some degree I’m not into the idea that every body reincarnates onced dead on earth. Why? Ghost and other things put a hose on this. As to you and this idea, you’re very much correct they call this in the UFO gang “Walk Ins” They come into the host which is a human body to get a first hand on how it is to be a human, etc. Of course some religions state that this individual has a demon in him/her but again reading my postings you’ll see that I’m not into this thing called demon this and demon that. Hundreds of years ago the church thought if you were sick it was because it’s God’s way of bringing punishment and too as long as you weren’t the king or queen they thought that demons got inside of you. Not every thing has’t to be demon. As I have stated demons do not need Flying Saucers to get from one place to another. Again you’re idea is not some thing new, You don’t hear about Walk In’s like one use to hear. Also on my postings both former Presidents Clinton and Bush stated that THEY run the governments of earth. Clinton said THEY can walk by the secret service agents with out them noticing. On the Coast to Coast Show they have had guest talk about this type of alien force indicating that they are of a higher degree of life form and do not require a body to be present. As to this a ghost can do things also with out being seen and of course the demon (overly used idea on that one). I have stated that I study the subject of UFO’ for several years now. I along with George Noory on the Coast to Coast Show we seem to be in agreement that the government shall never tell the truth. Why? I believe the subject is much more complexed then the general public (including me) can realize it has too many things related to it. You (Pat) brought up one about getting into another life form as I stated this is called walk in’s. You on a posting stated that you’re a minister that’s why I got the idea of this. Do you live in the USA? Thank you for responding on my postings. Jerry Biddle oh before I forget December the 21st of this year I believe it shall be business as usual.

    • Hello Jerry,
      πŸ™‚ You are mistaken, I have never at any time said or indicated I was a minister -- why would I? My knowledge on religious matters is probably more than many people and also I regard this subject along with ufos as related to the paranormal. I’ve had extraordinary experiences in the past which propelled me to delving into this arena.

      On the question of taking on the physical human form, I do believe we are spiritual beings who take on a physical human form when we venture into this material world -- that’s the nature/cycle of things.

    • You ask if I hail from USA, I was born and lived in Africa most of my life, and am now residing in the UK for 10 years where my postings are made.

  24. Pat: I too wonder why I thought you were a minister especially when you state you’re not into religion! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m not going bonkers yet any way! If I do I’ll never tell! Yes,if you read my postings yes I’m into my religion which is LDS Mormon and prior to this Presbyterian Church and a Freemasonic Lodge member (NOT A RELIGION LIKE SOME SEEM TO BELIEVE) rather just a lodge which dates several of hundred and maybe thousands of years ago. I have a hard time with the rest of you that being why? How Comes? If so why not? What I’m coming up with that each universe seems to have their own version of God. In our Universe we call Him Elohim, Jehovah, and His Son Jesus Christ. I was on the internet some time ago a year or two and came across what the other aliens said this is what they said: “Oh He’s an alien and He thinks He is God”. Now decoding this: He would be Elohim and He along with His Son would be Jesus Christ they live on a planet called Kolob. The other aliens finding Him funny in a snotty way: He thinks He is God. In the Bible in REV it tells about this idea of once a human some shall be judges, and too a God. Now this is starting to make it easiler to understand: The Creative Force the Big God then because the lesser or smaller God did things in His favor they became God’s in their Universe. Others like Elohim created the reptilian and other bad aliens towards mankind, coming down to earth and the mixing of humans with these aliens do not for the most part work out! One of them has’t to go! This again would explain why the war is currently going on! As told by guest on the Coast to Coast Show and as I have stated in prior postings I seen this smaller UFO chasing the one that looked like Shell Gas Logal. Again a war going on! The Nordics and the Pleiadians seem to be on the humans side because even though inside their bodies is different they look human. I have again in prior postings have come across young LDS Church missionaries who again look human. They are different in many ways again read my prior listings or put on either or Google.come and put down UFO alien Jerry Biddle down loading these you’ll get more information so this postings sight doesn’t became a Jerry’s Book. The average person who is interested in the paranorma in todays socities is smarter then those of 50 years ago one main reason is they don’t believe all of what the governments cover up stories are told to be true. Because of this we’re exchanging ideas and information. Like the color (colour) blue again each color has an effect on humans and animals. When we see a car with flashing red or blue or both with a siren blowing we know this is some type of an emergency and we pull over give them the right away. We know this because starting as child we have been brought up to understand this! Years ago long before any of us we’re born a red light would indicate a W———--house. And of course the stop lights, etc. I think in my studies of UFO’s that blue in the UFO craft has an effect on the aliens and too the abducted humans. Or maybe they just like the color blue and it really doesn’t have any hidden meaning! Yes I read all of you’re postings and find them interesting and informative. Thank you in advance for sharing them with us (and me). I wonder what is going to happen in the year of 2013 I do know the weather in my community is real bad! Besides paranormal I use to chase tornados. Yes! I have seen them! I was doing this long before it became a thing to do! Thank you again. Jerry Biddle USA

  25. I know that they don’t want to put the UFO in the public eye because it might scare the people but the UFO are real. I saw three of a kind on the web. One was standing, another one was sitting. The third one was being operated by doctors. We don’t know this world.

    • Be careful Dam, with the high tech photographic equipment these days, people can do all sorts and publish all sorts. Do you really understand what UFO is/means? I think you are confused with alien and UFO. How does a UFO stand, sit and undergo an operation by medical doctors? πŸ™‚

  26. I have experienced an extremely blue light that filled my entire house when I was young. At first I tried to cover my head with my blanket but the light was too intense. I finally summoned the courage to move from my bed and ran out of my room and into my parents bedroom which was also shrouded in this blue light. My mother also saw it and the entire house was lit up in a deep blue light. We never got the courage to see what the source was but there was no sound and it was gone as fast as it had arrived. It haunts me to this day some 20 years later. I have no idea how long the blue light had been in the house but it awoke me from sleep. I felt terrified. It was a VERY intense feeling. This was probably around 2 AM that the event occurred.

    • hey Steve, sounds very similar to my experience, there just seems to be no point from where the blue light is coming in, it just envelopes the whole room, yet in my experience it suddenly cut off at the open doorway which could well have been because there was something/someone there, I knew that without a doubt and that’s what terrified me, not the blue light but then the realization of what was watching there. Still no closer to finding out what it was, hopefully one day, but it still sticks with me to this day. stevie

  27. Hello fellow blue roomies.

    I feel compelled to add my experience to all of yours, though it has taken some time for me to pluck up the courage, but out of the blue (pardon the pun) I suddenly find myself doing so. My blue room experience happened in summer 2012. The experience is imprinted on me forever, I think about it daily, it changed me and left me with a life time of questions and ongoing experiences since. Having researched about blue light for years since it happened, I only came across your page in the last few months. I am so glad to find others have had the blue room event.

    I too was asleep in bed at night to be awoken suddenly, I sat up in bed to find the most beautiful electric blue light swamping my room from floor to ceiling, appearing to have entered through my bedroom window (so it felt). I was perfectly aware that I was fully awake and in communication with the blue light, a consciousness vastly beyond our level of awareness, yet somehow I fully understood the telepathic exchange that was going on. It was as if my mind had accessed a new hard drive. Language as we know it, became so basic in an instant, realising it was defunct and a system of imprisonment of our capabilities. The message was a continuous flow of emotion, which we would try to label as ‘love’ but as humans have never accessed the real meaning or feeling of. It blew my mind. I could have stayed in the blue light for ever, I did not want it to leave. I felt I had been in the ‘blue room’ for a long while, though in our reality I think it turned out to be about 10 minutes. Our words are incapable of describing such an experience. This telepathy belonged to a consciousness beyond our realms of human experience.

    Trying to live with the experience has been difficult. I have been down many rabbit holes trying to find answers. To find others having had the blue room experience is amazing. The relief of knowing you are not alone is comforting, but the truth is still a missing piece to us all.

    We are all supposed to be spirits experiencing being human, so were we sending ourselves a reminder of that? I personally dont feel that to be the case. For a long time I felt elated. Later came concern. I went through a period of feeling something happened and the blue light was a smoke screen, a distraction, a state of trance, a false memory, whilst something else had happened instead. I have been a yo-yo in contemplation ever since. All I know is that I had been seeking ‘the truth of life’ for a long time, and that perhaps it was my pursuit of this that lead to what happened.

    Since then, I have had a number of ET and interdimensional experiences and following these visits I have had the same electric blue light present itself as flashes of light on daily occasions, so many I have lost count. I have had my eyes repeatedly checked out, and no abnormality was detected.

    I hope others find your page to contribute to the blue room record. We all know something happened, the jigsaw is yet to be completed.
    Kind regards to all.

  28. Hello Bex,
    How interesting! This ‘blue room’ light experience, I believe it is/was a real experience with those emotions of total well being. I wonder, I wonder who/what is responsible and how ‘they’ single out their subjects or victims? Fascinating!

    You say -- since that experience in 2012, you have encountered a number of ET and interdimensional experiences. Very interesting! May I ask if you practice deep yoga or are affiliated to spiritual cults/religions such as budism or other such-like organisations which would take one into a spiritual trance from time to time?

    If possible Bex, would you be kind enough to share with us some of those ET and interdimensional experiences in the last 4/5 years.

  29. I had a blue light experience in my bedroom back in the late 1980’s. I searched for similar experiences on the net for many years and finally found only one. I knew it matched my blue light when the person described it as an amorphous blue light. I tried to locate the experience again but could not. I was hoping the onion browser would give me better luck and that is how I found this thread. It is late at night and I don’t wish to tell my story at this time. Perhaps I will another time.

    Until then.


    • I have seen the blue light in my house too. I was young, I think 9th grade, so 13 yrs old or so. I woke up in my bed looking at the door as if I was expecting something and click a blue light appeared in the hallway. Door was closed but it shown through the bottom crack and it was soon blue, a blue light I’d never seen B4 I was scared and frozen I grabbed my bat and yelled for my for my mum and a click again it was gone.i ran turned on the lights saw or heard nothing else could not wake mum up for 30-60 seconds screaming over her and shaking her and the dog. I’ve had a few other crazy experiences here and writing a book about there’s more to tell but hey when I finish the book I’ll link it. When I think about what happened to me I start to sweat and get those feelings again.

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