The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

The Zone of Silence Mysterious Phenomenon in Mexico

The stories of the Bermuda Triangle are well known and discussed in depth as to possibilities of vortexes causing such issues as equipment malfunctions, reported disappearances, and time loss. The theories abound as to its connection to other dimensions or possibly extra-terrestrial life. However, there are other places that have similar issues that give people pause to wonder if we have actual connections on earth to places beyond.

Located about 400 miles from the Mexican/US border within the limits of Durango, Mexico by the town of Cebellos is an area known as the Mapimi Biosphere Reserve. Overlapped in this region is a parcel of land that has brought much speculation and theory due to reported malfunctions with electricity and communications.

It is simply known as Zona Del Silencio or the Zone of Silence.

Reports of radio signals being “silenced” or unable to transmit have been circulating for many years, particularly since the crash of an Athena missile sent out of Green River Utah on July 2, 1970. The missile contained radioactive material. The reason for the crash was labeled “inexplicable”.

The Zone of Silence

There is much controversy as to whether there is anything to the phenomenon at all. A look at the Wikipedia page on the subject dismisses it all as an urban legend. However, it is important to note that there are still researchers in the area studying the biosphere for the unique plant and animals that exist there. They are often hindered by the businesses nearby that have grown to capitalize on the alleged strangeness.

There are reports of radios refusing to work, cell phones going dead, and a literal “silence” of all communication. However others have said there were no problems using cell phones or using radios.

So where did this all begin?

It has been said that there were farmers in the mid 1800’s living in the area who talked about “hot pebbles” coming down seemingly out of nowhere.

A pilot by the name of Francisco Sarabia reported that his radio stopped working when he flew over the region in the early 1930’s.

In the mid 1960’s there was an organic chemist conducting a field study who was unable to communicate via walkie-talkie to his team. From there, the speculation of what this area might be has grown.

U S Athena Mysteriously Goes Off Course and Crashes

The true fascination with the Zone of Silence came into being when a United States Athena missile went off course and crashed in the area in the summer of 1970. The missile was carrying two small receptacles filled with cobalt 57, which is highly radioactive. This of course led government officials to create a presence in the area for the search and cleanup. This in turn has led to speculation about the true reasons for the crash.

The Zone of Silence

Was it human error, and equipment malfunction, or is there something to the stories of high magnetic fields in the area?

High Levels of Magnetite and Uranium

Researchers have discovered very high levels of magnetite and uranium which could possibly interfere with radio signals due to their electromagnetic spikes.

It’s also been said that the area has been a hotbed for meteorite activity and particles of metallic dust can be retrieved with a magnet.

There was an Allende (‘rational’) meteorite that hit within a hundred miles of the area in 1969, but whether that makes this area a ‘hotbed’ is a subject of much controversy.

The field studies that have gone on are not related to the Zone of Silence, but rather for data collection and preserving the environment.

Keeping the human element away from areas whose environment is endangered has the potential for causing problems with the landowners in the region.

Many feel that the land belongs to them and should be used for whatever purpose they see fit.

Common Ground: Ranchers & Researchers in the Mapimi Biosphere Reserve

The Anthropology Department of the University of California conducted a study about the area and the relationships between the inhabitants and the scientists. A doctoral dissertation was written by Andrea Kaus entitled Common Ground: Ranchers and Researchers in the Mapimi Biosphere Reserve (updated 1997).

By the accounts in the anthropological study, baseline data was collected for the period of 1988-1990. While there was some dissention, the majority of the locals and the researchers were able to work out a system where the people were given access to all but a small protected area used for biological research. Outside of the illegal hunting that has been known to occur, the only real issue has been the flocks of tourists coming to see the alleged Zone of Silence. The presence of the researchers further adds to the element of unknown phenomenon being studied. This is encouraged by some of the business owners due to the increased revenue.

What About the Locals?

It’s a different story however when the locals are interviewed.

They speak only of the strange lights that are sometimes seen bobbing through the desert on some nights. These are likely explainable phenomenon and are not even regarded by the residents as anything more than “mildly interesting”.

Others insist that the significance of its place on the geological surveys – which is between the twenty-sixth and twenty-eight parallels, as are other structures such as the Pyramids of Egypt – show its significance to the possibility of extra-terrestrial life or other paranormal phenomenon.

Just Another “Urban Legend”?

Is it all just an urban legend perpetuated by people wanting to make money from tourists? Or are the reports of those who claim to have seen extraterrestrial craft substantiated in any way?

Likely any aircraft is military related as there are air force bases in the region of Northern Mexico.

One theory of the area is that it is the location of a former magnetic pole. The earth has not remained stagnant and has shifted on its axis – could this location be a former center to what the beginnings of this planet originated?

Zone of Silence From the History Channel

As with many things, this will continue to be something that will bring more speculation as the questions of the area continue. Many feel that the presence of the researchers is confirmation that the government is trying to cover something up. However, it is important to note that the rumors of this area being a “silence zone” came from a few simple accounts that have been perpetuated over time.

It could be that there are some magnetic sources under the ground that have caused a few blips here and there in radio communication.

The triangular shapes that are found on the backs of the tortoise that is indigenous to the area (the Bolson tortoise) is said to be naturally occurring.

The odd purplish color of the coyotillo happens when there is a dry spell.

Does it answer all things that have been said to have occurred here? That is left for the reader to decide.

What is known is that this area has hundreds arriving for guided tours to see if there communication systems go down. Some report no problems whatsoever, while others have had issues. It may be that due to the magnetic sources underground, it’s as simple as where a person is standing as to what they experience.

While it cannot be ignored that the researchers are wanting this area to be clear and would be compelled to discourage any rumors, the facts that are found point to an area of the earth that is possibly more magnetic than most due to the uranium and magnetite.

A few odd experiences that have been reiterated for many years may be all there is to this otherwise unremarkable patch of desert – or maybe there is something about it that the government doesn’t want to tell us.

Whatever the answer is, Zona Del Silencio has become much louder than anyone ever intended.

Written by Angela Sangster, Copyright 2012

  1. Perhaps the Zone of Silence is the Mexican version of Area 51 in New Mexico. Hmmmmmmm?

  2. There is a lot about our history that we do not know and much to speculate about. I do believe in other worldly phenomena and that there are other life forms out there, more advanced spiritually and technologically then ourselves. There is a very interesting documentary titled “Ancient Aliens” that examines the possibilities of our ancestors and oldest civilizations may have had help to create their great civilizations and incredible structures from beings not of our planet. Loved the article, always interested in learning something new.

  3. I think we all remember the Chenobyl meltdown. When their reactor lost its coolant, the radioactive fuel rods started a nuclear criticallity. There was so much radiation being emitted that many people trying to help died in the process in a matter of minutes up to several hours, as I can recall. The little remote control robots that were sent in to explore the damage didn’t survive very long. The radiation interfered with the radio signals. Some years ago, I worked at a facility where drums filled with Thorium had to be managed by remote control fork-lifts. People were not permitted to enter the storage facility because radiation levels, and a lot of radioactive material/dust covered the entire storage facility. Everyone working at the site had to be trained to learn about the risks associated with that kind of work and materials. Please excuse my spelling.

  4. Sometimes I feel , the reason that whatever is ” out there ” never really reveals itself is because they , if they can think and see, they know we are not any part of their being..They may think we are evil.. if it is true that alien craft has been sighted, they have been looking at something and I’m afraid it is WAR.. how humans mis treat one argue, pull out guns and shoot , kill one another, shoot animals and eat them, bomb other countries and cities that kill everybody there and bring in big trucks, push the waste aside, gather themselves up, get on a big airplane, go back to another part of the world without arms, legs, eye sight, where to live, ….I didn’t say all of that to be critical but only to see the picture that our neighbors , the Aliens have witnessed.. Hence, they want NO part of that stuff or us…I think they really don’t want anything to do with us, but only to try to find out what we are and what makes us tick…I don’t think any of us that do look up at the sky a lot, has ever seen in the distance, one Alien craft shooting down another because they are ticked off at each other.. I don’t think there is a territory issue.
    I would love to know more if at all possible because I am RH O Negative Blood Type and there are possible connections , perhaps, maybe, between O Negative blood types and Ancient Aliens. Nobody knows the origin of O negative Blood…One thing for sure as I get older, I realize that I have different ways about things, my thinking is wide open, I’m not a scholar on the subject, but find that since my realization of the cconnections that possibly we have with Aliens, the more I want to know about it..
    Actually I don’t mind thinking I am different.. I kind of think it is cool. Wish I knew if I came from some high powered Royalty somewhere and nobody was left but ” me “… Wouldn’t that be a Hoot..?? Have a great day everyone.

  5. just like to say thats said above”a hotbed of metorite activity”- no such thing they fall randomly all over the planet

  6. After a lot of seeing with my own eyes I say 99.99 percent of all ufo ,ancient destroyed cultures here and supposed on Mars and else where and other phenomena ( Sky Gods ) (the rapture) are the result of high energy electrical and plasma displays . And I know why black holes , dark matter and dark energy can only be inferred to mathematically is they use what I call dark camo .If you understand my humor you see that I don’t still believe that the earth is flat or magical genies make my lights and computer work because a scientist and his computer model tell me that’s what is true .Example ,why make up unverifiable matter , energy ,and collapsed for black holes.

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