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UFO Sighting Near Liverpool

It has been sometime since I last posted here, but here is my latest UFO sighting, which I spotted in Liverpool {UK}, where I live.

Around the end of last year {2010}, I was sitting in an old cemetery, not far from where I live.

The day, was bright, and there were scattered clouds in the sky. I was reading a newspaper, and just happened to look up at the sky – which was absolutely clear, and particularly blue.

As I gazed at the sky, thinking how beautiful the day was,  ‘thing’ suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

It shook me up and made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

The craft – or whatever it was – was black, and it looked like a series of iron bars that had been stuck together.

It reminded me of a Mechano set that children used to play with years ago, and for the life of me, I could not make out what the hell it was.

The nose of the craft was bulbous – a bit like a dolphin’s nose.

The rest of the body of whatever it was, was shaped in a haphazard way {again, like iron bars that had been put together at different angles}.

This thing appeared out of nowhere, out of a bright, blue sky, and I watched it glide over the River Mersey in silence.

It was big, and it looked very threatening.  I watched, dumbfounded, as it headed toward Liverpool City Centre.

I had a digital camera on me at the time, and tried to film it. My hands were shaking so much I could not get a proper focus on the thing and it soon disappeared off into the distance.

I did manage to video it but, by this time it was so far away it became unrecognizable to what I saw close up.

This craft, from the moment I had spotted it, has haunted me, and I have often wondered what the hell it was.

It shook me up so much because of the ‘weirdness’ of it. I have spotted UFOS many times over the years, but whatever this ‘craft’, was so strange that even now, I am constantly looking out for it.

I have often wondered whether or not there is anybody else who has spotted a similar craft to the one I witnessed, last year.

By Wayne Leon Learmond, Copyright 2011

  1. I think those things pop in and out of another dimension

  2. Sounds like a small balloon to me.


  3. For those who are interested, because of the Freedom of information act, the UK government MOD National Archives has released documents on UFO activities in the UK. I haven’t yet checked it out but I understand all docs can be seen on

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