The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

UFO Sighting on Flight to Sydney Australia

Leaving LAX on a flight to Sydney Australia we first had to stop in Hawaii then we were on our way to the south.

We were in flight for sometime being we only had six hours to go before we landed. Looking out and seeing all the clouds and being partly asleep I heard the captain on the intercom telling everyone to look out at the right of the plane and you will see a unidentified object. I was on the left of the plane next to the window when I looked over and saw everybody looking out and saying ‘wow look at this’.

I decided to go and have a look and when I did I was glad I did because just lower than our plane and just above the clouds there was a saucer type looking craft just under us. It moved at the same speed as us going in the same direction traveling side ways from us toward the other side of us.

I saw no windows nor any bolts or seams in the craft. I didn’t see any lights or anything like that. I did notice the color was a grey color and while our airplane shined due to the sun the UFO didn’t. This is what truck me as being odd out side of seeing one for the first time. I was on Quantes Air and this was back in 1982.

On arrival to my Hotel in Sydney and checking my time on the radio the news came on and the pilot reported it to his command. The radio said that this flight had seen a UFO just off the coast of Northern Queensland.

Sent in by Ron Baak, Copyright 2009

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