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UFO Sightings in Africa

I thought I’d expand on my comments re UFOs in Africa and give you a taster of some of the spectacular accounts given by African witnesses.

1) I remember a story which was printed in the local paper either in the 80?s or 90?s. An indigenous African man who lived in a rural setting was walking his dog one evening at approx. 9.00 pm when he saw this bright light in the sky rapidly approaching him, he was startled as it suddenly stopped in mid-air hovering above. A ray of light emanating from this craft was focused on him for a while and frightened the living day lights out of him. It then shot off and hurriedly proceeded home and locked himself indoors. Later whilst in his bedroom with curtains still undrawn and dog barking furiously, a very bright light was projected through his bedroom window totally engulfing him, paralyzing him and forcefully throwing him onto the floor. He remained in this state until the light disappeared. Feeling very ill and partially paralyzed, he managed to drag himself to the phone where he called the police. He was taken to a local hospital with unusual and extensive burns on his face and body. There was a close-up photograph of this man in the newspaper lying in a hospital bed looking a sorry sight.

2) Early one misty morning, a sheep farmer living in the Karoo desert spotted what he thought was a caravan parked some distance away on his property. He thought the occupants were possibly geologists who are seen from time to time in the area. He decided to walk down have a chat and cup of coffee with them. As he neared the spot where the caravan was parked, he realized it wasn’t a caravan but a silver/grey disc shaped type vehicle propped up on three steel legs with a ladder hanging to the ground – he thought the craft was some new S.A. technologically advanced vehicle. He then noticed two little men wearing body fitting white overall type outfits pottering about in the sparse bushes near the craft and called out to them. The two little men were taken aback and hurried to the parked craft. In the mean time a laser beam shot out of a window of the craft hitting the old farmer who staggered back – holding onto the barbed wire fence and vomiting violently, the old farmer was very disoriented but saw the disc shaped craft lift off at an angle and shoot off at lightning speed. When he recovered from the shock and malaise, he walked over to the spot and surrounding area where the little men were and found what resembled a slab of glass which was still hot to the touch and had bits of leaves from surrounding shrubs fused into the glass like samples being preserved for testing perhaps. The old farmer reported the incident to the police and he himself was taken to hospital for examination – he was found to be exposed to intense radiation which may have been the reason he got cancer and later died. Apparently, the sheep would never tread on the ground where the craft was, they always parted in a wide swoop – making their way around the spot to the other side.

3) Briefly, a French engineer living in the Drakensberg area in S.A. was having some sort of trouble with his vehicle, he worked on his car and then took it for a test run one evening. Having driven some 10/15 miles up the deserted road, on his way back home he noticed what he thought was a vehicle parked about 100 meters off the road and then spotted a man approx. 4/5 feet tall, dark hair wearing tight fitting overalls approach his vehicle. He stopped and asked the man if he needed help. This man spoke in an accented English and said he needed water. As the Frenchman didn’t have any water, he suggested a water stream down the road and asked if the stranger had an empty tin, to which he replied no. The Frenchman then found an oil can in his boot and offered the stranger a lift to and back from the stream. When he approached the craft, he found it wasn’t a car but a silver disc shaped craft on three props with a ladder hang down to the ground. The stranger invited him into the craft and he saw three other men (smaller in stature than the one he was speaking to)inside this craft, one was injured and being attended to by the other two who didn’t taken a bind bit of notice of the Frenchman. In all the time he was in the craft and, as an engineer, he asked a few questions about the propulsion of this craft and the origins of these strangers, the other two didn’t look at nor spoke to the Frenchman at all. He was then firmly but gently shown the exit. The craft then lifted off at an angle and shot away like lightning.

These are ONLY three out of hundreds of the graphic African accounts of UFO encounters. What can we make of these stories as they differ very much from the accounts described by those in more developed countries?

Sent in by Pat, Copyright 2011

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