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Unidentified Sphere UFO in Kentucky

I personally witnessed a UFO in Kentucky. Was it an alien craft? I don’t know the answer to that but here is what happened:

A little over 30 years ago, when I was around 12 or 13 years old, my father and I were coming home from church late one night when we witnessed something strange in the sky.

It was around 10 or 11 at night and we were headed up the hollow when suddenly we came upon a big group of people out standing in the road. That was really strange, there usually weren’t many people out that late and why were they all standing out in the middle of the roadway? We thought something bad must be wrong, maybe someone was hurt.

We got out of the truck and walked around front. Everyone was pointing up into the air and talking about the strange object. I looked up and there was some sort of strange craft in the sky. It seemed to be purple in color but lighter around the edges. It looked like a sphere from where we saw it. It seemed to hover in one spot not moving at all for a few moments. Then it would zip at right angles at amazing speeds and stop instantly. The thing darted back and forth across the sky stopping to hover from time to time. This went on for several minutes while everyone stood around in amazement and talked about it. Then suddenly the object zipped off in a straight line and disappeared.

This happened in southeastern Kentucky in the early 1970s. There were numerous witnesses including my father and I. It was not “swamp gas” or a weather balloon nor was it delusion or hallucination. I do not know what it was but I don’t know of any technology, even today, that would permit a craft to fly and maneuver like that.

Has anyone ever heard of a UFO in Kentucky or elsewhere that appeared and/or behaved like this one did?

By D Slone, Copyright 2011

  1. Hi, your experience along with your father and other members of the public seeing the spectacular airborn object is very common from what I have read. Regrettably, I haven’t ever seen this phenomenon but I believe what you saw was real and I believe the spectacle of its behaviour was deliberate and for the benefit of all the witnesses, yet sadly denied by scientists and governmental authorities.

  2. If it were some sort of military or government secret technology then it must have been remote controlled. I don’t think a ship could be designed to maneuver that fast that would also keep a pilot or passenger in place safely. The Gs would be very high as this thing just darted back and forth at lightning speed only to stop on a “dime” and hover.

  3. Back several years ago, I was traveling on I-75 north bound between exit 25 & 29 in Ky. Suddenly a huge sphere like moon colored object a couple hundred feet above the tree line came flying… NOTE -- this has been posted at

  4. I saw a triangle ufo just above the highway between middlesboro and pineville. It was about 100 feet above the road in broad daylight. I think it was in 2002 or 2003 but not sure. Pretty spooky though.

    • Was this triangular shaped air craft -- stationary/hovering in one spot and silent? I ask because I understand the USA military air force have spy triangular shaped air craft.

  5. Awesome story! I wasn’t sure if I believed in UFOs or not, until this summer. We were on the back deck, drinking A beer (yes, just started our first) with friends after working out on room addition. Someone noticed a very bright light in the sky, it was just white, it was moving pretty quickly, stopped briefly, and darted off to the right. None of us had seen anything like that, except for one of the guys. After we watched Paranormal State, when they were in WA state and they filmed the exact same thing we saw! So, yes, I am a believer now! My daughter said she’s seen the same thing twice when out camping with friends. It’s evidentally a pretty common sight here, although I’ve never seen it until this summer, others have seen them.

  6. I’ll just say no one needs to persuaded me that UFOs exist. I already do.

    Does anyone remember the Lubbock Lights (1951 or 1952). How about the Phoenix Lights? How about the incident in 1952 at the Whitehouse where jet fighters were sent after several spheres hovering over the Whitehouse? The spheres immediately flew out of range of the RADAR. The jets were not fast enough to catch them. So, the jets were called back to the air base. Immediately, these UFOs returned and were hovering over the Whitehouse again. The jets were sent out to get them again.

    Something different happened this time. One of the spheres dropped out of formation and seemed to be waiting for the jets to get closer. A moment later the single sphere quickly caught up with the others. The UFOs flew out of range of the RADAR once again.

    I’m no genius, but it looks like an intelligence was controlling these UFOs. The fact that RADAR could “see” these spheres means these were not just lights, they had to be material as well. Incidentally, there was one of these UFOs sighted hovering over the Whitehouse just a couple of months ago.

    The air space over the Whitehouse is restricted. You try to fly something over the Whitehouse, I could practically guarantee you’ll get it back in a smoldering heap of rubble…, and you’re likely to get some jail time too.

  7. It was 1973 near the end of August. I actually saw a UFO while traveling south through the mountains in Tennesse. I was sitting in the backseat of the passenger side with a clear view of the West. I saw what looked like a cigar (I’m not sure, but it seemed to be a mile away.). There were no horizontal or vertical stabilizers, and I couldn’t see anything where there should be wings. Oh, now that I think about it there were no lights of any kind.

    The craft seemed to be travelling the same speed as the traffic on the ground. This went on for several minutes. I kept waiting for it to bank to the left or to the right so I could spot the wings and stabilizers. That didn’t happen. It must have made a very sudden 90 degree turn heading west, and there were no wings or stabilizers still. I saw what looked like a perfect circle, and suddenly it was gone.

    My Father and brother were in the front seat oblivious to the whole incident. There was nothing left to see, so I didn’t bother them.

  8. I have a thought about these UFOs and some of the manuvers they make. I’ve read that at the speeds they usually travel, and making sudden stops, or maybe going in the complete opposite direction without slowing down. How about making a 90 degree turn suddenly without slowing and doing it all in straight lines.

    The question is, how would any pilot withstand these forces? I’d like to propose there maynot actually be any living beings in these craft. Maybe these craft are using AI, artificial intelligence, and they are just nothing more than a probe, a very sophisticated probe.

    It is obvious that my idea makes no allowance for extraterrestrials. I still think some of these UFOs are just probes…, why not? On the other hand, considering how they fly (pretty much ignoring gravity) maybe they’ve figured out how to negate or at least regulate the effect of gravity inside the UFO.

    Oh, and I’m not so stupid as to think I’m the first to suggest this idea. Food for thought? Well, this may not appeal to everyone’s taste.

  9. I admit, I used to be extremely skeptical of UFO’s…but lately I have been thinking more about it…looking at more evidence…and while I am still unsure of exactly what it is people are seeing, I am no longer convinced that they are “just seeing things”. Too many people are reporting too many similar incidents.

    CT, I think I had read that experience you had…I can only imagine what you must have been thinking! I know that I would have been spellbound…wouldn’t have been able to take my eyes off of it!

    I’ve never seen one…but I’ve been reading and researching it more. One case in particular was when Walter Cronkite talked of seeing “something” when he was part of a news crew witnessing a United States test missle. What he saw was not a missle…and when he discussed it later, he said that the “official” explanation sounded like they were “making it up as they went along”. I have always had the greatest respect for Walter Cronkite…and his words about that incident have me wondering…just what the heck is going on up there? And why are government officials trying to cover it up?

  10. I enjoyed all your stories. I am very open minded. I had never really held a belief either way about there being life elsewhere until recently. I have not had any personal experiences, but I truly believe that there are other life forms out there. I anything to go by other than my gut, and, as Angie said, there are too many people seeing too many things for it all the be made up. Recently, my son and his friends were at the lake and all of them saw a red light hover, disappear, then reappear and slowly move (I can’t remember what direction he told me) then it was gone.

  11. I’ve never seen such things as you’ve described, CareTaker. I have been witness to people telling of these things, however, and the passion with which they speak -- sometimes with fear or alternately with excitement -- makes me believe in what they’ve seen.

    I’ve been reading quite a few of your posts both here and at the TP forum and it seems you’ve had a number of experiences that aren’t quite explainable. In one of your posts, you’ve mentioned you moved around a lot…I was just wondering if any locations where you lived is on some of the ‘most haunted’ lists or anything like that. Or perhaps you are drawing things -- these experiences -- to you.

    Your stories are very interesting and thought-provoking. Thx for sharing.

  12. I’ve read of many accounts it is difficult to avoid “mixing” things up. As I can recall, there was a large aircraft in pursuit of a UFO that was crossing over the Great Lakes, and that aircraft (rather large) simply disappeared. Maybe at the bottom of one of the lakes? Maybe somewhere close, but not in our plane of existence. Curious indeed.

  13. I don’t believe in ufos or aliens, but awhile ago, on youtube, I watched this video of Robert Lazar describing the inside of the ufo’s & the technology it takes to make them move like they do….even though he’s a fake from what else I’ve read of him anyway, those parts do make sense…everytime I read about how they move it always pops into my head. lol~I hope they exist. I just don’t know. Maybe some day I can see one & believe! I like reading everyone’s ‘experiences’ for now though^^

    • As far as I know Lazar has been involved in spreading disinformation about UFOs for a long time. According to my research he is also a CIA member.

      As for believing in UFOs I think everyone should believe in that 🙂 After all by definition a UFO is just an unidentified flying object -- they dont necessarily need to be alien in origin, just unidentified and flying. I have no idea what it was I saw that night. That is I cannot say if it was anything alien or if it was some unknown human technology, but it was definitely unidentified and unlike any technology I know of even today (Over 30 years later).

      • CIA? I thought they didn’t want anyone to know about the possible existence of alien-related stuff…lol. But I still think how he described their movements made sense…probably false though:(

        But I suppose thats true…about the unidentified flying objects. It doesn’t have to alien-related…it makes more sense that way with all the technological advances humans are coming up with~
        it makes it more exciting thinking it’s related to the possible existence of aliens though. lol^^

        • NOTE: This is just what I have read and heard over the years, I am not stating it as though it were an irrefutable fact……. That is precisely why the CIA has been spreading disinformation about UFOs. The reasoning is to discredit the idea of UFOs and aliens and to make anyone who believes look like nuts.

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