The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Was I Visited By Aliens?

I think I was visited by aliens. My story takes place in Miami, Florida about four weeks ago. I was laying awake in bed, (my dog was barking like crazy and had woken me up) it was about 9:00 am.

I started to hear this strange noise like a buzzing, but it was so loud I felt it had to be an airplane. The only thing is that it didn’t go away, it just stayed right in my ears for about 30 seconds, I tried to get up to look out the window to see if there was in fact an airplane passing, but I couldn’t move.

I was awake and aware I could move my eye’s but nothing else. I then started to feel a weird sensation in my body. It started in my toes and came up to my head. It felt like I was being scanned. It went back down to my toes and up again.

I then started to feel the bed get really hot and shake, I would normally have been really scared but I just felt calm and like I was safe. I felt like I was being pulled up to the ceiling but then I was being put back down. My bed was still shaking a little.

Then the buzzing sound just went away and when I looked at my ceiling I could see two red eyes, they were almond shaped like some of the pictures I have seen. They were only there for a second then they were gone.

My bed stopped shaking so I  tried to get up again, I was able to, so I looked out the window, clear skies not a thing wrong. I even ran outside to make sure but there was nothing.

Later when my brother woke I asked him if he felt the house shake or anything weird, but he told me no. I was really skeptical until I talked to my best friend and told him the story (I decided not to tell anyone else about it because I didn’t want them to think I was crazy), he told me he believed me. I was a little shocked that he wasn’t even skeptical.

He told me that he had another friend who would hear these weird noises and then wouldn’t be able to move then she would feel a tingling like when your foot falls asleep but it would go through her whole body starting at her head and then go down to her feet. I asked him, are you serious? and he told me absolutely. I do believe that there are aliens, but I’m not so sure what to think about my experience.

I am thinking of getting hypnosis done. I want to be sure that I was not abducted and that my story is in fact real and not some very vivid dream.

Written by Karen Martin, Copyright 2008

  1. you may have been abducted but check the history of the house it could have been a ghost feeling you and then trying to manifest itself after it made sure you were ok but lost all power and then you came out of sleep paraylisis just think abut it…GOD BLESS

  2. Well, my opinion for what it’s worth is here: Firstly, i think you were experiencing sleep paralysis and you could very well have encountered an evil presence, which seems to be very common these days. I’m not trying to scare you at all, but it does happen alot, as it did to me. If ever this happens again pray as it worked for me.
    Alright, it could have been an abduction, i really don’t know there as i have never had an abduction type thing enter my head when i had odd things happen to me. Whatever ‘it’ was, pray and it will save and help you.
    The red eyes are common for a demon experience.
    I hope you are OK xx

  3. I’ll keep you in my prays but if this EVER happens agin you tell somebody!! i have a friend whos grandpa has witnessed smeting weird! he recalles it clearly and i belive ur story beacouse florda is pertty common for ufos and allain stores!!

    God Bless

  4. i know this is a late comment..but red eyes sound sorta devilish.. and i hope you don’t experience it again.

  5. ok, i belive that u should go to a hypnosis if u havnt already, i think with the levatation, thats spiritual but the scanning feeling i have no idea, but if it was me i would like to know what it was… good luck with finding out .

  6. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. to me it sounds like sleep paralysis.

  8. you were hypnotized by then alien in order to calm you down and also to make you feel that you were unable to move when in reality you were able to. this is a common alien technique. you were part of a ”lightstop” were then alien/s will examine different types of humans. (they are allowed to do this, the government is in association with these aliens). This is one of the deals they have made in order to keep our planet safe from certain ”Illegal aliens”. aliens also use mind scrambling devices and they also have the ability to mess with your emotions. these aliens control certain parts of our world so get used to them if thats possible.

  9. It could possibly have been an extraterrestrial visitation, but most medical specialists would be more inclined to say that you suffered from sleep paralysis and consequently cause of this entered, a twilight phase, that borders elements of the surreal dream world we succumb to in sleep to the physical reality we perceive when we are awake. It is almost like an altered state of consciousness, that occurs due to the formation of excess electrical currents in the body, through the brain. This results in the paralysis and tingling sensation, but due to the diversity of these accounts and supposed visitations and abductions occurring whilst driving or walking, it seems only applicable to a small majority of the overall number of encounters.
    I’d personally undergo hypnosis and visit a psychiatrist or alien expert for further information.

  10. I BELiEVE YOU.
    because ive seen an UFO when i was little girl -- no joking.!

  11. i believe you because for like three times know i would start feeling a small tingle all over my body when i am lying and even sitting in my chair in my room at night and all of a sudden my eyes are forced shut for like 30 second or a little more and in those 30 second I also feel like some thing scaning me but I cant move and then it all ends but i had like a feleling I saw eyes but they werent red they were more like like a cat eye just that the center was of the eye was round.

  12. I have had the same experience on many different occasions, all slightly different the paralysis whilst being totally aware of being awake and not being able to move. My most recent experience:Time 3:49am I was trying to move and could hear and feel this buzzing sound and vibration, as usual I was struggling, to try and move once I move I feel I can breath again.Anyway as this was happening I said to myself “not this again” I actually remember saying that.I made a decision to relax then suddenly it all kicked off -- there seemed to be grey and black lines of distortion(can’t think how to explain it), all around my head and a very loud electrical buzzing noise like I was being scanned at a very rapid pace, at that moment when I relaxed it felt as if I was being pulled somewhere, I made a decision to struggle again as this freaked me out. Suddenly everything stopped my eyes were open and on the ceiling above was a silver chrome light(I don’t know), that started to dissipate and vanish before my eyes. I have posted this because of the original posting that described the light on the ceiling which is weird. Uk

  13. one night laying in bed asleep,so i thought anyway i heard a loud noise in my head&i was being dragged off my bed i couldnt move at all i couldnt yell,scream,was hard to even breathe,but i couldnt see whatever was pulling me,but yet i felt its presence like it was able to make the loud noise in my head,paralyze my whole body,keep me from yelling,or making a sound without touching me,but yet able to drag me without me waking anyone up(&they were even laying right next to me)seemed like hours of stuggle&trying 2 make some kind of noise,when it was only a few minutes if that, then all of a sudden i was able 2 move &i was so worn out after trying my hardest from being pulled off&dragged to wherever it was trying to drag me this happened 2 more times the samething

  14. To me it sounds like Sleep Paralysis. I’m 16 and even I know that.

    • Hi Connor, I’ve experienced what scientists label ‘sleep paralysis’ on several occasion, but never imagined or felt I was being dragged/pulled etc. by some entity. Anonymous’s experience seemed to be quite a vivid experience, even visualizing faces etc. Could it have been a night-marish dream or a visitation of sorts -- spiritual/alien/demonic? We don’t really know -- do we?

  15. I googled this because I had a sort of similar experience the other night. Two things to say:

    1. Years ago I learned about this sound from some New Age guy who studies astral projection--it sounds like a dentist drill. He said that it happens whenever we fall asleep but when you are lucid, or aware, you can hear it. So it sort of sounds like sleep paralysis to me.

    2. But on the other hand, I had an experience while wide awake lying in bed at night. Something told me to open my eyes. I was hallucinating, or I saw something, for around 20 minutes. Just shapes in the dark, and actually a lot of blooming flowers. I did feel a presence, but I told myself it was either my heightened awareness or my imagination. But a face appeared, and it was kind of glow in the dark. It was very faint, as if it had been lightly sprayed with glow in the dark paint, if that makes sense. The head entered my right hip. I wondered if I had imagined that, too. But then I felt a scan down and up my legs, EXACTLY as you describe. Within 30 seconds, I actually saw the face come back out of my right hip, this time its eyes were glowing more. After that I checked the room and didn’t have anything close to a hallucination.

    Normally I would think this kind of thing is a ghost--but it didn’t feel like any deceased person I knew. It wasn’t totally sinister, but just really foreign and it didn’t feel good or bad. But the face, although faint, really did look like an alien. I have never, ever, thought about aliens in any serious way before but if I had to choose, I would say it was an alien and not a ghost.

    I hope that helps you a little.

    • Hi BK,
      I refer to your paragraph 2) re possible imagination or heightened awareness, for me, there is no parallel between the two, these are distinctly different. One’s imagination is exactly that -- often a deliberate mental imagery of whatever we choose -- not actual -- a mental illusion which all normal human beings are capable of experiencing at will. Heightened awareness can be experienced at different levels, some would call it a sixth sense, and, those who experience this ‘gift’ will certainly know that presently, most people -- for some reason or another -- are lacking this human facet and I believe it has to do with one’s concrete belief system which is born out of numerous very personal experiences which enhances this awareness.

  16. I experienced something similar 2 nights ago while sleeping over at a friend’s camper by a lake. It was around 5 or 6am and still dark. I had felt something like 2 needles stick me on the back of my knee on the backside of my leg about an hour before and had woken. I fell back asleep on my right side in the fetal position. I then woke up to a humming or buzzing noise in my left ear. I looked at my friend and she was still sound asleep. I tried to yell out “Stop” but was unable to move or speak! I felt completely paralyzed and scared. While frozen and unable to move, the humming or buzzing noise was still going on in my ear, I started to hear a consistent clicking noise and felt as if I were being scanned from my head to my toes and my body felt a mild vibration from my head to toes as it was going on. I screamed “Stop!!” in my head and When the vibration reached my toes, the strange noise in my ear disappeared and I could move again. My friend woke up seconds after with stomache cramps from something she had eaten earlier that didn’t agree with her and I told her about it. She looked at me as if I had made it up or as if I were crazy.

  17. I have had two experiences with something I can only imagine were aliens. I thought maybe there was another explanation until I saw a woman on TV describe the same experience to a physic……..

  18. i had experienced a little bit similar about that and i know this is a very late post, when i woke up i looked at the window but i am still lying down i want to move because i felt uncomfortable of my place i was trying to call my father but i cant shout and it was all dark i looked everywhere and saw something like a face but i just close my eyes and ignore it

  19. Yesterday. Me and my girlfriend were at Hillberry music festival by eureka springs Arkansas. Me and a pal we’re walking around and when we got back my gf was crying saying the weirdest shit just happened. We were surrounded by thousands of people but we camped in a small corner in the woods. Her and her best friend were sitting in a hammock. And heard this loud buzzing. Both looked around like wtf was that. It’s an intense mechanical sound. They felt it. And then it went away.. her friend looked at her and said.. you think it will come back? “This was broad daylight mind you” and sure brought the buzzing hovered over them and got so intense my gf felt it. Felt it entering her mind. The whole time her friend was looking at the blank space where the noise was coming from.. the friend had her necklace ripped off and my gf jumped up screaming as her left side of her buddy was pulled and she fell. I walked up to her screaming get off of me! The two were sober. And my girl is very quite and not one to scream like a maniac in a crowd of people. She feared for her life. Both of them were scared shitless. I thought she was crazy.. but we got back today just me and her sitting in our apartment. I was watching Alex jones about Hillary and Russia blah blah blah. And my girlfriend jumps up and says . I don’t feel good and in desperation grabs my arm and runs outside. I heard the buzzing before she hopped up. I asked what was that noise??? It def wasn’t a hornet or a humming bird or a drone. What the fuck is this machine. What does it want. How is it operated. It won’t leave us alone. Hearing it and experiencing the same thing first hand 100 miles away. Please help someone please..I need info

  20. I have been with her 5 years mind you. I know this girl very well and this is not like her.. she said she felt as if she was being possessed.. she has never said anything or been so weird. I believe her. Idk if government is doing weird operations. Or if there are aliens observing us with invisibility. . I’m so lost and don’t know where to turn for answers.

  21. I just was laying my bed looking at my ceilling and the first time i fell asleep and had a real dream about being at a mall with water weird right but it was cool until i woke up and my bed was shaking and i just laid there and then some bright hit my eyes and i was at a house with my friends and my boyfriend and we were sitting outside having a drinking a soda and me and my one good friend saw lights in the sky go past us really fast and then 10 more lights that shaped the whole ufo come down and flashed off and next thing is fbi and the army said to us if any of you run we will kill and us not paying attention that there was a ufo over the house so me and my friend ran inside but my boyfriend and other friend stayed outside and the last thing i remember when i woke up is what just happened what just happened and i have been searching on the internet about this and stop letting them tell u its sleep problems no its not and it has nothing to do with a demon… Start being maybe you ask real people who have been through this

  22. So my experience is way less terrorfying..
    Ive always been one of thos people never to beleive such things could not exsist until my awakening.. now i hear and see ufos all the time only at night though.. and a few times now i have woken up at 3.33am and can hear the “buzzing” sound of an aircraft hovering above the house… the first time i was like omg wtf is that and now i think about it i am not scared at all and its almost as if they go woops we woke her up and off they go… never have i been paralysed or anything of the sort. The ones ive encounterd are deffinatly gaurdians. Not sure what they are doing though i assume it has something to do with children. i dont have any yet but maybe soon…

  23. I had the same thing. I was younger. Then I woke up and instantly I heard a buzzing sound that got louder. It started to sound like an airplane going up. (Sorry for my English. I live in Amsterdam holland. I could not move and then I saw a man with a turband on his head. A white one and he had a beard. Not a long one. The turband I looked it up was not from this time. It was ancient. I was awake. Really awake. I heard my brothers walking round the house. But still I couldn’t move or speak. The man just looked at me and said with a loud notable voice ‘believe’.

    Then I started to move and he disappeared. He was benign. And I felt that he was full of knowledge.

    I had later sleep paralyses. But I ask and begged to stop. And it stopped. What did not stop was that I started to be ano empath. And I feel and know things before it happens. Please if you had the same experience email me. If you want. I am female and I believe we are living in a time that things are changing. Like shiftingfrom our 3th dimension to the 5th. The higher shift the more you feel and are open to help. 3th dimension is dens with lot of fear insecurity. The higherkin you go more love will enter in your live. And you will give love and help.lower dimension is the place where ego and money and ego play a role. Hope you believe me.

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